Imagin for you!

Hi! I'm going to do imagine book-ich. I want you to decide who and what it's going to be about all I need is:

Description about yourself
How you will meet the boy/boys
Which boy or boys
Famous or not

Xx love xx


11. A/N <3

Hi! I am back for business. Okey okey I know it's been soooooooo long but i will try to make it better thx. I have a working computer that I will write on. If you are swedish and want to read a story that I have made the check out on wattpad. Search for My Fault ||1D & TFC|| then Bam there you hav e my swedish story. I will write here to on english for you guys. Like always my grammar is not the best but i will try my best. Thx alot for 72 followers and 200 something readers. Love you all. Bye for now. <3 Nicole <3

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