Imagin for you!

Hi! I'm going to do imagine book-ich. I want you to decide who and what it's going to be about all I need is:

Description about yourself
How you will meet the boy/boys
Which boy or boys
Famous or not

Xx love xx


7. Alexis and Harry!! 💗

I´m going to my friend Safron and Lexi. They are babysitting some guys little sister. My friends says hes hot but I doubt that. They say hes name is Harry Styles. I just live a few blocks away so I´m going to walk there. I´m outside his door. I knocked on the door and a long guy with brown curly hair open the door. "Hi are you safron and Lexis friend? Alexis right? Well I`m Harry."  Wow is that Harry?!?!? I mean the Harry that Safrone and Lexi talks all about?! Well not gonna lie he is hot. "Um..Yeah thats me..." I said a little to shy that i Think that Harry notised. "Don´t worry I won`t bite." Why does everyone you meet say that?!?! "Well are you going to stand there or are you gonna come in?" He said smirking. Safrone and Lexi where on the sofa talking. "Hi Girl!" Safrone came over to me and huged me. "Well I´m will leave now and if something happens call. And safrone give Alexis my number and text me." "Okey bye" Safrone said to Harry. When he was gone i asked 2 questions. "So wheres his little sister and does he have a girlfriend?" i said the last thing a little lower and hope that they didn´t hear but they did... "Well his sister is in bed and no he do not so...... txt him!?!" I did as Lexi said and texted him.



A:Hi it´s Alexis :)

H:Hi It´s Harry ;)

H: So do u have a bf? :)

OMG I was now smilling like a jerk and Safrone notised

"What did he say???" I told them

A: No

H: Do u want one?

A: Idk why?

H: Do you wanna be mine? ;)

I was playing it cool but i freakde out inside

A: Okey why not...

H: Okey bae <3

Now i was jumping up and down while i told them and everybody cheered.



A/N Thanks everyone 4 Reading but i know that i take ages tooo update soo I am going tooo dooooo two chapters today!!!! YEY!!!! Well I will doo so many i can but i Think im going to do one tomorow also... but I have been with my horses so much thats why i havent update sooooooooooo long..... But bye my angels and one more will come... The next one is Filipas sooo soon it will come. But dont forget to like and comment and follow ;) LOVE YOU MY ANGELS or should i call u my horses comment what you Think or if u have Another cool name.... LOVE Nikki <3

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