Love and War

Alex, a college girl travels around the world. On one of her trips she meets someone. But suddenly she has to leave. Who does she meet? What does she have to leave? What will happen?


2. Home Not So Sweet Home

After 5 hours I finally land in Los Angela's. I slept most of the flight. I get off the plane and make my way to baggage claim. I get my stuff and walk toward the exit.

I can't believe that Taylor just left so suddenly. Now I really am a loser. My apartment is going to be so empty and uneventful now! I can't wait to leave again! And I bet my family will come here and put on a fake front.

So my family doesn't approve of my college choice or my major in cultural studies. They think it's stupid and I should have when to nursing school and become a nurse. I was not about to stay in Georgia where all my family is. They are very controlling. I feel bad for my brother who go sucked into becoming something he didn't want to be. Yes, I have a brother. His name is John. We where so close. I mean I could tell him anything about anything. He is a year older than me. He is a surgeon. And there is nothing wrong with being a surgeon but he didn't want to do that. He wanted to be a race car driver. I was all for him being that cause I thought it was cool and awesome but my family told him straight up no. He was so mad! He had always dreamed about being a race car driver. He let the family get in his head and he changed his mind and became whatever they told him to be. I didn't let my family control me cause I simply can't be controlled. I'm hardheaded. I like to do things my own way. But any way back to the story.

So as I'm about I walk out the door a bunch of people come running out of no where with a big sign that says "Welcome Home Alex!". Oh just what I needed my family! Not! Can't they be getting on a plane to go back home. They all come running to me and hug me and pretty much attack me. Then once everyone gets off me and backs up I see my brother standing there. I run straight to him with open arms and hug him tight. I have missed him. we haven't been able to talk much cause I the time zone difference and were are in two different country's. 
"I have missed you so much!"
"I've missed you to sis!"
"I wish I was jut you and nobody else."
"I know I wish that to. you should have been in the van with all of them. One word....horrible."
"I know the feeling."
So everyone gathers around and picks up my bags and heads to the van waiting for us. They put my bad in the back and then we all pile in the van an start to drive to my now almost empty apartment.

So here is more about my family. My dads name is Darryl. He works on the railroad in Georgia. My moms name is Susan. She works at a dentist office. then my brother John of course. Then my dads parents (my grandparents) Barbara and Kenton. And my moms parents (my other grand parents) Dale and Denise. I was always close with my mom. My dad was strict and kinda a butthole. He would always yell at my brother for no reason. My mom would just over look it. She was an amazing cook, and a hard worker. I'm so glad I got out of there. I always felt like an outsider in my family. It was bad.

My brother drives the van so I sit in the front with him. When we used to drive around as teenagers we would always have the music up loud and singing at the top of our lungs, with the windows down. Those were the days. And today was no exception. He rolled all the windows down and he looked at me and I knew we was about to hardcore jam. Everyone was complaining in the backseat but who cares. I plug my phone into the radio and look through my phone for a good song. I find one and it's I Love This Sh*t by August Alsina. We turn it up and everyone is like turn that crap off and saying turn it down. Ha I ain't gonna do nothin! We start singing at the top of our lungs. We are so crazy! I love life right now. We pull into my apartment building. I get my bags and get in the elevator. The only thing that breaks the silence is the ding of the elevator.
"I didn't know how it's gonna look in here. my roommate moved out so it's probably empty looking."
I open the door and everything is still here. Taylor hasn't got her stuff yet. Weird. I walk on in and into my room and everything is the way I left it. then I walk into Taylor's room and see her and he boy toy asleep. There is bottles all over the floor and probably drugs somewhere. I walk in the kitchen and get a cup full of ice cold water. I walk back in her room and throw it at them. hey both raise straight up and groaning. Taylor looks up and sees me.
"What the hell!"
"I thought you were moved out and gonna stay in Australia!"
"I was but I thought I would stay here so you wouldn't be by your self."
"Well I'll be just fine on my own now get out!"
"What! No! Hell No!!"
"This is my apartment and I pay for it! You don't do shit! Now take you and your boy toy and get out!"
She stands up and grabs her bags and then the guy gets up and walks in the living room. 
"I hope you like living alone bitch!"
She walks out if the room. 
"Don't let the door hit your dumbass on your way out!"
She slams the door and it gets really quiet. I pick up one of the bottles and throw it at the walk. It's shatters and make a dint in the walk. John walks in the room and walks over to me. he wraps his arms around me.
"I'm sure that what ever happened between you all must have been really bad. It was time you tell her to kiss your ass and to get out. She looked like a crack whore."
We both start laughing. We walk back into the living room and my family is just sitting waiting for an explanation that I don't have.
"Well Alex care to explain all of that."
"Dad come on just leave her alone for a few minutes."
"I really don't want to talk about it lets just get my stuff unpacked and I will deal with her room later."
Good lord what a day! I get all of my stuff unpacked. Then my mom, dad and grandparents tell me they have to get on a flight back to Georgia because they have work. I couldn't be more happy about that and my brother is staying with me until I have to go in my next trip. So excited about that. so we take the rest of the family to the airport and see them off. then we drive back to my apartment and we both fall asleep on the couch

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