Love and War

Alex, a college girl travels around the world. On one of her trips she meets someone. But suddenly she has to leave. Who does she meet? What does she have to leave? What will happen?


3. Crazy News

The next morning I wake up and smell maple syrup. I know that John is making breakfast. I get up and walk in the kitchen. 

"I can't remember that last time you made me breakfast."

We both laugh.

"The last time you had a boyfriend. That was like a million years ago."

He laughs and I punch him in the arm.

"Speaking for guys, do you have any special guy?"

"Nooo hell nooo. Im not even looking really. I'm so focused on my education."

"There's my hardheaded sister. Well the family is starting to think you don't want a man."

"They are stupid. I mean yea I want somebody but I haven't found anyone. Im not even pretty anyway so that probably why no one comes up to me or anything."

"You are to pretty! Remember all those pageants you won?"

"Yes but that was along time ago. I have changed a lot. I'm not a little robot anymore." 

"Thats very true."

"So do you have anyone special?"


"Ohhhh Who is she!!"

"She a nurse at the hospital..."

"Ohhh A nurse. Hmm is she naughty?"

He punches me in the arm and laughs.

"Your a freak. No! She is really nice and very pretty. But she has someone already."

"Work that charm and she will be your bro. I'm telling you, she will."

"Your crazy. I don't know. Maybe."

"So hows life been?"

"Its been pretty good I guess. Live is pretty boring for me though. Hows life for you?"

"Pretty eventful actually. I have learned alot. People are so fascinating. I have met many different people."

"Thats awesome. Where do you go next?"

"London, England. I'm really excited about this trip."

"You have always wanted to go there."


"Maybe you will meet "the one" there."

"I hope so."

We finish eating breakfast and then we take showers and drive around the city. I show him the awesomest places in the world. We are driving the highway when we see a lot of army vehicles pass by.

"Wonder what all thats about."

"Have you not heard about the threats the US is saying to the citizens. Its fixing to be a hunger games here. The government is saying crazy things like they are going to start a war against us."

"What! Thats crazy! Why? We haven't done anything to make them do that."

"Well the crime rate has gone up quite a bit but crime will always be around."

"Thats true. It make no sense though."

"I know, but don't worry about it. If anything does happen at least you will be out of the country and safe."

"I will worry about you alot though."

"I'll be fine. I promise."

"Ok, well what do you want to do now?"

"Oh I think you know what time it is!"

"Jammin time!!!!!"

I plugin my phone and turn on Latch by Disclosure. Such a good song! We sing at the top of our lungs! These are the times I miss the most. I can't do this with anyone else. It wouldn't be the same. 

I am really worried about this government thing. I'm worried for everyone really. Why would they do this? My phone starts ringing. It my teacher. Hopefully this is about our next trip!


"Hey, I was calling to let you know that we will be leaving for London on September 20th."


"Ok great. When is our paper do about Australia?"

"Give it to me in London."


"One more thank Alex, umm Taylor, what is she doing? Do you think she will be going on the next trip?"

"Professor honestly I have no idea. She met a guy and I guess he stole her heart."

"Ok well thats to bad."

"Yea..well thank you for tell me the date we leave.'

"Your welcome. See you in London."

"Yes bye."


I hang up the phone and turn the music back on.

"So when do u leave?"

"The 20th."

"Thats like in a week."

"Yea I'm really excited too!"

"I bet you are. You have to write a paper?"

"Yea. Its about the trip and what I thought about it."

"Ohh ok. Well I got a text from one of the other surgeons asking me to come in. Im sorry but I have to back."

"Its ok. I'm just gonna pack all of Taylor's stuff and write my paper."

"Are you ok? I mean are you honestly ok?"

"I think so.."

"You miss him don't you?"


**Ok so the guy my brother is talking about. His name is Chase. We were together for about 3 years. We were so in love. I honestly  thought we would together forever. We had a big fight and we slowly drifted apart. When I when on my first trip he called me crying and told me that he couldn't keep on with us. I cried for days. I thought my life was over and I would never find anyone else. Its been about a year now and I still think about him. Cry still too. I swear im not a crazy person. I just really loved him.**

"Sis its ok. I know he was so good to you but sometimes things happen. Lets go home. It looks like its going to storm."

We drive back to my apartment and my brother packs his stuff. We get back in the car and drive to the airport. He gets his ticket and then we wait by the gate. The the announcer calls for his flight. I don't want him to go.

"Well thats my call. I'm gonna miss you!"

I hug him tight and start to cry a little. 

"I'm gonna miss you to bro."

"On the way home will you play a jam for me?"

We laugh and smile.

"I will. Please be safe."

"I will. And please bring a englishman home for me please."

"Oh my gosh really. I'll try!"

"Thats my sis. Goodbye."

"Bye. Love you bro!"

"Love you sis."

We walks to the gate and down the little tunnel into the plane. I walk back to car and start to cry. I feel like everyone is leaving me. I hate feeling like this. It starts to rain. I plug my phone in and turn on my brothers favorite song. Never Too Late by Three Days Grace. I sing the whole way home. I get home and I guess Taylor came and got her stuff. Her room is cleaned out. One less thing for me to do. I start to write my paper. I am fighting sleep but sleep wins. 

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