Love and War

Alex, a college girl travels around the world. On one of her trips she meets someone. But suddenly she has to leave. Who does she meet? What does she have to leave? What will happen?


1. A Little About Me

This isn't your average love story. This love story is a struggle and very difficult to explain but maybe you'll understand. Oh sorry I should probably tell you my name, Alexis but Alex for short. I have brown long hair with green eyes. I am 21 years old and I'm a college student at UCLA. Its in California. I didn't always live in Cali. though, I'm from Georgia. Southern girl.. I moved from Georgia when I was 19. I wanted to study abroad and UCLA was the only college that had that option. I have always wanted to explore other places in the world. See how they live and their cultures. London was my favorite and you will soon know why. So far I have been to Japan, Ireland, Norway and Australia...Which is so awesome! The people are so cool! And their amazing! I have a thing for accents, well guys with accents. I think it's so cool. I'm in a group of about 10 people. We are all from different parts in the US. My best friend ever is with me. Taylor..she is the best person ever! She is from Tennessee. We are alike in a lot of ways. We met at orientation for college. Luckily we are roommates. We have been friends for about 2 years. Alright so now that you know about me...Its time to begin the story.

**6 years before**

Its about middle June and we are in Australia. It's so warm and sunny all the time. I could get use to this. This is our last night in Australia and our professor pretty much told us to do what ever we want. So being the crazy people that we are, Taylor and I decide to go clubbing. Taylor just turned 21 like a week ago. This is gonna be her first club, first everything almost. So we get ready and go! We go to the first club we see. The line is so long but luck for us I'm a smooth talker. So I walk to the front of the line and see a giant guy with a clipboard in his hands.
"Excuse me sir..V.I.P here."
In a very rude voice the security guard says, 
I get a quick look at the clipboard and I see a name.. Carly Jones.
"Carly Jones and this girl is with me."
He looks at the list and looks up and unlocks the chain thing and let's us in! I can't believe that actually worked.
"Holy crap that was awesome! But what if they figure out your not who you say you are?" 
"Well we run."
We both laugh. We walk in and the music is loud and the alcohol is flowing like a river. We walk over to the bar and order a drink. As soon as we get our drinks a guy comes up to Taylor. I can tell she doesn't know what to say or do. The guy pulls out his phone and hands it to her. She turns around to me.
"What do I do!?!"
"Young innocent Taylor, go for it! This is our last night here! Do it!"
"Ok you better be right."
She types in her nimber and the guy walks away. Then a good song comes on. I grab Taylor's arm and drag her to the dance floor. People are grinding on everybody and anybody.Me and Taylor are standing there being grinded on by like 3 people. We slowly start to go with it and about 5 drinks later we are gettin it!! I have no idea what I'm doing. This is so awesome!

**The Next Morning**

This is horrible!! My head is killing me! I can barely stand. I look around the room and I don't see Taylor. I get up and go into the kitchen were I see a guy making breakfast. I walk toward the kitchen.
"Uh hi."
"Oh good morning! How are you feeling?"
Wow this guy is surprisingly nice. He has blonde hair and he looks really fit.
"I'm ok I guess. Not to be rude but what's your name?"
He just laughs and says Cody. 
"Well Cody what all happened last night?"
"You and your friend were super drunk, so I offered to take you guys home but your friend got in a car with a guy and you just stood there then you passed out. I grabbed you and put you in my car. Oh god that sounds bad!"
"Yes very."
"Anyway I got your phone out of your pocket and called the first person in your contacts. I told them what was going on then I asked where you live. They told me and I brought you here."
"Did we umm.. you know "do it"."
"No no I wouldn't do that."
"Ok good. And I think breakfast is burning." 
He looks down at the steaming pancake.
"Oh shit!"
He flips the pancake over and it's blacker than coal. He looks at me and I giggle, then he smiles and my heart stops. His smile is like heaven! 
"You have a cute laugh."
"Thank you and you have a beautiful smile."
He comes closer to me and tucks a loose strand of my hair behind my ear. He cups my face and gently kisses me. Chills run down my spine. He pulls away and we look each other right in the eyes. He has the most beautiful blue eyes. I can tell he wants to kiss me again and I want him to so badly. He puts his other hand on my face and smashes his lips against mine. At first it's slow then quickly gets faster. Before I know it he picks me up and sits me on the counter. 
"Can u please stop sucking face!"
Cody and I both jump. I look over and see Taylor standing in the kitchen.
"Taylor this is Cody. Cody..Taylor."
Cody puts out his hand.
"Nice to meet you."
"No I'm not touching that hand. I don't know where its been."
I give Taylor the death stare. 
"Um well I should probably get going... it was nice meeting you Taylor. And uhh bye Alex."
He walks out the door and leaves. 
"Good job Taylor!"
"Sorry I didn't think he would react like that."
"Just whatever."
I walk out of the kitchen and back to my room. I take a shower then get ready for the day. I start to pack then I hear a knock at the front door. I walk out of my room and answer the door. 
"Umm who are you?"
"I'm Taylor's boyfriend. Who are you?"
"I'm Taylor's best friend."
I hear Taylor running to the door. She goes right past me and jumps into his arms. What the hell is going on here. What happened to innocent little Taylor?!? Is that the guy from last night? I'm so confused. I walk back to my room and finish packing. 
*30 minutes later*
I grab my bags and take them to the front door. I don't see Taylor anywhere. I walk to her room and all her stuff is gone. I walk back in the kitchen and see a note laying on the counter.

Dear Alex,
I'm moving in with Derek! I'm sorry but I'm not going to be traveling anymore. I dropped out of college. So good luck with your life! Bye. Xoxo

Well ok then. I guess I really am on my own now. None of the others even act like I'm in the group. At lease I'm going back home today. I make sure I have everything and out the door I go. I get to the airport and I see the rest of the group. I tell our professor about Taylor. I guess he already knew because I he was "I already knew that!" like damn get what ever is up your ass out! They announce that our plane is now boarding. I get to my seat and I couldn't believe my eyes.
He gets up and hugs me. 
"This is so crazy! Where are you going?"
"I'm going to the US. Some of my family moved there and they want me to come and see them."
"That's awesome! I'm so glad you are sitting with me." 
"Yea me too!"
The flight attend starts to go over the safety stuff and then we take off. Cody and I talk most of the flight but I fall asleep. We land in New York and he has to get off the flight. We exchange numbers and say goodbye to each other. I get on another plane to California. I put my head phones in and zone out the whole flight.

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