All the same

This is my entry for the DIVERGENT Writing Competition. I'm following Movellas on Twitter where my username is CassidieSkyJhones.

What if Beatrice does not choose Dauntless? Nay, she stays in Abnegation. What would it have been like? Could she get used to the so different lifestyle from what she would like to have or would be unhappy for the rest of her life? Could she manage it? Or she would flee. Escape. Or become factionless. What's more, would all those terrible and life-changing things happen to Dauntless and the other factions or would the Erudite find an other way. And the biggest question of all: would she meet Tobias?

*Divergent competition runner-up* ^^


3. All the same?

          Thirty days passed since the Choosing Ceremony. The longest thirty days of my life. Although I had resigned to my fate that I was staying Abnegation, yet in the very deepest recess of my heart I was still longing to be Dauntless. Every single time I saw the train as it was crossing the city while doing my community work or caught a glimpse of the Dauntless soldiers' black gear, hearing them shouting orders, I felt a harrowing ache like I had lost somebody I really cared for. Which always evoked the memory of Caleb, who I knew had betrayed us by choosing Erudite, our humiliator, our only enemy, but he still was my brother and, despite how much I resented him for not telling me what he'd had in mind, I did miss him.

          I woke early on the first day after I completed my initiation and became a full member of Abnegation. The first day of the array of same days until forever. It seemed so unbelievable, so unreal, so absurd. But I knew this was what it was.

          After having gotten ready, I headed downstairs to eat my humble breakfast of watered porridge. I emerged from the room into the narrow aisle when I heard a cry. My mum. She was it and she cried out again followed by my father's yell commanding somebody to let go of her, probably with no result as he continued yelling, putting more and more despair in every shout. What's going on? I began to run toward the stairs, but after a few steps I slowed down. I was going to do any good with charging the attackers and getting myself captured, too. I had to calm down. And slow down.

          I crept to the door, where there was nobody by then, and peeked out. Soldiers wearing black combat suits and guns were hauling shouting people out from their houses. They weren't indiscriminating, there were little children as well as old women and men with white hair, tripping time by time, but keep getting yanked up, in the terrified crowd of people. But there was something very rather... odd to the Dauntless soldiers. They were like sleepwalkers. Their gait was rigid like robots' and their faces showed no emotion as if they were only blank sheets of paper.

           I scoured around for my parents, but I couldn't find them. Panic squeezed my heart tight as I saw the vast amount of Dauntless marching around, and I was not sure that even if my parents were there I could find them. But I had to. I had to stop this and I had no clue how. The only thing I knew was that I could not do it by myself and my parents might have some idea what to do or where to go to get help. Or at least I could see them once more. I shook my head strongly to get rid of the doubts that could only thwart me now along with blossoming panic and I drew in a deep breath as I stepped out from the house, running in the direction of our headquarters. It seemed logical that they'd taken my parents there and I didn't have time to think twice.

          Three patrolling soldiers caught me off while I was still trying to pull my act together, seeing me from a distance, and started at me guns pointed right above my heart. I was sure they would not miss it. I looked around, desperately seeking something I could hide behind or could use as a shield. Before I could register what I found, I already veered into a cramped alley what was only two feet afar, and took a deep breath before continuing running. But as I looked up the breath stuck in. There were four other Dauntless soldiers already in my newly found subterfuge, seemingly definitely awake and aware. Though, something was off. Three of them were standing around the last one, steadily holding a gun to his temple nonetheless they were staring at me now.

          There were so many things happening at the same time that my mind failed to keep up. It had to because what I thought to see next couldn't have been happening. The guy in the middle wrenched the arm of the long dark haired, bulky guy and shouted at me "Run". I didn't move. Not just was I completely frozen, but I also couldn't help, but be captivated by his beautiful deep-set, dark blue eyes, spare upper and full lower lip. "Run." He shouted again, sounding angry. I snapped out of my stupor. What was I doing? Did I want to die? Because that was what was going to happen if I didn't get it together. I turned around to do as I was told, but then again where would I run? The other three were waiting for me at the mouth of the alley. I looked back over my shoulder to see his handsome face once more before I felt the jarring pain and fell into the darkness.

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