The Council : A Minecraft Story


1. Chapter One : Escape

I had to be quick. They could figure out my location at any minute. I hurriedly drank the invisibility potion I took from the witches hut. No one is permitted to be outside the city border during the night. For one, Non-humanoid or rouge monsters constantly roam the land unmarked by barriers. And two, they want to keep an eye one you. They'll always keep an eye on you. Thieves, raiders, rouge monsters and even the average citizen.

I Can hear them coming. I quickly but quietly exited through the back of the abandoned building. It was cold and dark. I didn't care to bring torches with me so there was only the light from the moon. I was hiding behind an old village house. There was a 10 year war between Hostile mobs. The villages, unfortunately, were targeted for battlegrounds. All that is left from the war still stands today.

The house was probably owned by a farmer of some sorts, but the war had driven them away. vines creeped up the sides and interior. there was a man-made lake in the back for gathering water, and a small but efficient plot of farmland.

They are getting closer, I can hear their voices. I had to make a choice. Jump in the water and attempt to escape without attracting too much attention, or get caught and face extreme consequences.

I jumped.

Authors note: so um Comment if you like it and think I should continue. I might just continue it anyway 😉. And NO the other chapters will NOT be this short.

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