The Council : A Minecraft Story


2. Chapter 2: Mia Willadare

The Water was surprisingly warm for a night such as this. Everything got slower the longer I held my breath. Im not sure whether they were gone or not, so I waited an extra ten seconds before I resurfaced. My lungs burned and my head throbbed.

I timidly looked around. They were gone! Finally. I only had a minute of the potion left, so I waded my way back to land and back to Providence. That's where the main council hall stands. It's also where I live. No I am not part of the council, but my family is higher up on the pay level than the others.

We live in a simple mini-mansion fit for a upper-middle class family. It's much bigger than a 2 story home, but smaller than a full mansion. The neighborhood is pretty big, but the houses take up a lot of space and only contains about 20 or so homes.

I came up to a secret entrance discovered by me, my oldest sister, and some of our neighborhood friends. It took some time for me to get through, but I eventually made it in. Parts of the entrance became harder to get through because of the bad weather lately. The wind blows more and more debris that clogs it up. We'll have to take care of that later.

After some time I made it back to my lovely home. It was somewhere around 8 o'clock I knew, so I didn't have to worry about anyone questioning me. Not anyone important at least.

"Where the hell have you been?" The voice was so distinct, anyone could tell who it was. "What Mia?" I half-heartedly replied. "Don't you know what could've happend if you were out any later?" I didn't reply but she continued. "Mom and dad would have grounded you for awol and would have grounded me for not watching you! I have a life outside of just baby sitting a mutant rat!" I know she was just worried for me since she usually doesn't act like this. I had to reassure her.

"Look everything is fine the witch didn't see me, and patrol didn't catch me." She rolled her eyes. " look on the bright side! I got the stuff we need!" I pulled out various of items that I collected while I was out.

Nether quartz , red stone ,glow stone, water bottles , steel ,gold , and an array of potions ranging from invisibility to strength to harming.

"Well I just got word from my boyfri-" "You mean that asshole?" I immediately interrupted. "Ugh he's not an asshole he just doesn't like you. "Well the feelings mutual." Suddenly her alarm clock went off. "I'll tell you later,go to sleep twerp we have shit to do."

As much as I hated it, she was right. We all had to wake up for a special meeting regarding the council and our neighbors.

Authors Note: Mia Willadare -18- Oldest of all the Willadare children and the eldest of James and Grace Willadare.

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