Death's Wish

Sam is 15 and at school. Living an ordinary life, in a ordinary world. Until he found out his power. He tried to use his power for good. And it worked out ,so it seemed. One day, when he woke up, he felt strange like something had possessed him. Sam ,from that day on, saw the world , you could say,in a different way.
One day ,in what he thought was a dream, something was coming after him. Something big. Something red.Something Devil like...


2. School... Again!!!

   2 January 2014

   Dear Diary,

   Today was a bit fun at least. We did P.E (Physical education... I think.) my favourite subject. Football. Result!! I love football because 1) you can hurt yourself and you don't have to go into school. 2)If you're in goal than you get to dive and if you do it wrong than you can brake your hip, and not have to go to school. What I hate about football is that it keeps you fit and that you need to be actually willing to sprint with a ball all the way to the other end of a 50 meter pitch or so. I don't know so stop asking me Billy Jones!!!!!

   D.T. I hate D.T!! It's like art but harder. A lot harder! In Primary school I, all on my own, had to make the London eye. And it had to spin!! With lights that had to turn on and off. OK yes I might be exaggerating a tiny tiny bit. I didn't do anything. I lied. But I didn't lie about having to make the London eye with no help at all from our teacher. I think his name was Mr. Misher. I don't know so don't ask. 


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