Death's Wish

Sam is 15 and at school. Living an ordinary life, in a ordinary world. Until he found out his power. He tried to use his power for good. And it worked out ,so it seemed. One day, when he woke up, he felt strange like something had possessed him. Sam ,from that day on, saw the world , you could say,in a different way.
One day ,in what he thought was a dream, something was coming after him. Something big. Something red.Something Devil like...


1. An ordinary day

1 January 2014,

 Dear Diary, 

  As usual, school is boring all I did today was Maths, English and stuff like that. It was seriously boring it felt like the world had stopped spinning. OK, OK, I suppose I did learn something . That something is not to mess with Mr. Hackson!!! . Jeez, I never thought that just talking could get me 3 hours of detention. That was until I got another 2 hours of detention for saying that I had to go to the loo during a History 'surprise' test. God I hate our new supply teacher Ms. Mcnulty. I prefer our head teacher. And man is he strict.

   At least Lunch was a lot better than lessons. I'm not a loner during lunch at least. I got to play basket ball with Rick and Jimmy my 'best friends' so they say but they will do anything to get out of trouble even if that means I get in deep deep trouble. I'm such a good friend to them, what I mean by that is I take the blame for everything we do wrong and all they can do is say sorry. What kinda'real' friend lets all the others take the blame for something that they DIDN'T do!! I admit most of the things that we did wrong we did wrong together.

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