Innately, there are qualities in human beings that are always repetitive. There are things like love and hate and jealousy that are just going to be there forever.


8. Chapter 8

-Britney's POV-

"I really am sorry." I tell Harry for the millionth time, since we got in his black truck.

"Quit apologizing. There's no need to be sorry." He assures me, throwing a smirk my way. His eyes look beautiful with the street lights reflecting off of them.

"Yes, there is. I feel like since I started hanging out with you guys, I've broken up yours and Zayns friendship. And I'm making you leave a kick-butt party to take me home." I whine throwing my hands up dramatically.

"Zayn and I's friendship has always been fucked up. We switch off from being friends to not friends every week." He explains and I feel just a tiny bit of pressure leave my chest with a friendly wave good-bye.

"As for the ride home, it's really not a problem Britney. I wanted to leave anyway. Parties get boring when you've been there for 4 hours. Plus, I don't want you near Zayn. I know that sounds weird and clingy of me since we barely know each other, but I consider us friends and I don't want Zayn to succeed in breaking another persons heart. He also was probably drunk." The guy explains and I see it in his eyes that he really doesn't mind. He smirks again when he sees that his reasonings have cleared me completely of guilt.

My heart can'T help but light up at the sound of him calling me his friend, and basically saying he cares about me a lot. Harry's been nothing but sweet since we met. He's stuck up for me twice now. He's pretty much the complete opposite of Zayn and I like that. Zayns a jerk, Harry's a sweet heart. 

My heart also can't help but be thankful that I didn't go home with Zayn. If he was going to drive us home drunk, I could be dead right now. I literally cringe at the thought.

For the rest of the ride, I just give him instructions to my house. He pulls into my vacant driveway and gets out of the car with me.

"What are you doing?" I ask him.

"Walking you to your doorstep..?" He says like it's obvious.

"Oh." I respond and look down as I walk. I take it that my mother's at work (Thanks God), so I don't have to worry about her seeing me walk in, in a party dress, smelling of smoke, sweat, and alcohol. 

We reach the door step and he turns to me.

"Are you home alone?" He asks me looking down so he can make eye contact. He's about 1/2 a foot taller than me.

"Yeah. My mom's a nurse. She gets put on call at really random times." He nods understandingly and sighs.

"Well, thanks for.. Everything. It means a lot." I say gratefully and he grimaces, making eye contact again.

"Of course. Are you going to be okay home alone?" He questions me. I nod and take a glance at the empty parking lot. Well, besides his car. 

"I'm used to it." I add gesturing around me. 

"Alright. Well, I'll see you at school." 

"Yup. Thanks again." I tell him and we both chuckle a bit. I watch him drive away, then enter my dark house.

I flip on the light switch to the living room, and kick off my shoes. My feet are sweaty and I drag them across the carpet as I walk into the kitchen. I snatch a clean glass from the cabinet and fill it with faucet water. After chugging a minimum of three glasses of tap water, I sigh in pleasure and drag my exhausted body up my houses wooden steps. My eyes are screaming for some shut-eye as they droop and I grunt as I stub my toe on the corner of my door.

After stripping off Rebecca's dress, I slide on some basketball shorts, a sports bra, and fall into another one of my famous nightmares right as my head hits the pillow.


When I wake, the sun is burning through my eyelids and I smell scrambled eggs cooking from downstairs. I can feel sweat dried on my skin from last night, and I decide to shower before going down there. That way my mom won't smell smoke or anything in my hair, and I won't smell of B.O. My skin is not only covered in dry sweat from last nights party, but also new sweat from the nightmare last night.

I step into the bathroom and follow my daily routine. Undress, stare at hideous mark on my body, shower, then go to room and dress. 

I put on black yoga pants with baby blue on the top where they fold down. With that, I just put on a black tank top for now. My hair dries naturally, and I give my mom a small smile when I see her downstairs. I sit at the counter and begin munching on some scrambled eggs and toast. 

My mother walks over to the opposite end of the counter, and holds her head up on her fists. There's a smile on her lips, but I can see a weird look in her eyes. Before I can debate if it's anger, sadness, dissapointment, or all of those mixed together, she asks me a question. A question that causes my heart to do backflips, over and over, until I'm convinced it's just given out.

"So, how was the party?"


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