Innately, there are qualities in human beings that are always repetitive. There are things like love and hate and jealousy that are just going to be there forever.


7. Chapter 7


-Britney's POV-

You can hear the music pounding through the speakers right when we turn onto her street. The closer we get to the house that has drunk teenagers stumbling around the driveway filled with cars, the more nervous I get.

This is bad.

This was stupid.

Maybe I could just stay in the car? No. That would prove me to be the goody goody they think I am. I'll just have to stay out of trouble. I sent my mother a text telling her I'm staying the night at Rebecca's and she didn't even question it. 

Hopefully I don't run into Zayn. I don't like him what so ever and I know he would probably end up pressuring me into doing something I regret.

As we reach the front steps, the smell of alcohol, smoke, and sweat begin to fill the air. I can feel the bass from the music vibrating the ground under my feet. 

They weren't kidding when they said this girl throws some parties. 

Right as we enter, humidity hits my body. People litter the entire house hold, bumping, shoving, dancing, pushing, fighting, laughing. It's all so new to me and I feel stressed and unable to breath. I cough when someone blows cigarette smoke in my face and cough harder when he does it again. I look up and shout at the person.

"Quit it!"

"Like you want me to!" The obviously drunk man says chuckling in my face. I shove him aside and try to catch up with Paige and Rebecca. But they are no where in sight.

Thanks a lot asshole. 

They promised me they wouldn't leave me. How nice. 

I shove my way through the crowed until I am in the kitchen. I need a drink. My throat is dry and burns from so much smoke getting pushed in my lungs, and I feel as though I'm going to have a heat stroke. 

I give up on trying to find water not long after I start searching. All to be found in the coolers are drinks containing alcohol. Maybe I should just go home? But I can't. I have no car, and even if Rebecca were to let me borrow hers, I would get in loads of trouble. I'm not legally allowed to drive at the moment.

I am in deep, deep trouble right now. 

I pull down my dress again and search through the crowd of people for an exit. I pause when I see a familiar face. Zayn is in the middle of the room I'm in holding a red colored drink as he throws his head back in laughter. He's with a guy I don't recognize. I speed walk towards him as I tug on the end of my dress again. 

When he sees me his smile completely disappears.

"What do you want?" He snaps in annoyance. I'm shocked by his tone. He was so nice earlier..

"I-I came here with Rebecca and Paige and I need a ride home.. They disappeared somewhere and I do-"

"So you came to me because I gave you a ride home once? I'm not your personal chauffeur." His face is closer than before and I see fire dancing in his eyes. 

My heart feels like ice.

"Right. I'll just walk or something. Sorry for asking a favor. I forgot how big of a self centered prick you are." I remark and turn to walk away. I look back and he rolls his eyes and throws his head back to finish off his drink. 

Whatever. I don't need that jerk. I should have known he would act like that. I don't know why I expected him to be nice... I guess I just thought he would be after he gave me a ride. I know I should just be mad, not upset, but I do feel a little hurt. Why do I feel hurt? He's a jerk and I should have known better than to think he is actually a nice person. He's a bi-polar little prick. I'll just have to find someone else to give me a ride.. But who? I know about 6 people at school.

I go searching through the house, looking for blonde and orange hair. I pass the kitchen again, and go out in the backyard. Twinkle lights give the backyard a dim look. The music still blasts, and red cups litter the ground like debri after a fire. I don't know how this is going to work. There's too many people and I've searched the entire house for another familiar face. I'm so frustrated I'm on the verge of tears, and quite frankly, I'm scared. I don't know how I'm going to get home, and it's already getting dark. My last chance is to call my mom and I don't want to do that. 

I'm about to give up when someone touches my shoulder. I turn around expecting another drunk, but instead I see a forest of curls and bright green eyes.

"Britney? What are you doing here?" Harry asks me with shock and curiosity evident on his face.

"Rebecca and Paige talked me into going, but I said I would only go if they didn't ditch me and right when we got here they did. Nice right?" I respond raising my eyebrows.

"Yeah, that's generous of them." He sarcastically remarks and I nod. I don't know Harry that well, but I'm just glad to see a familiar face.

"I don't know what to do." I sigh.

"You can hang out with me?" He offers with a welcoming smile and I feel like I can trust him.

I nod and he grabs my arm. 

"Where are we going?" I ask him as he drags me along behind him. He doesn't hear me over the music, so I just trust that he knows where he's going. 

When we reach a door, he cracks it open and peeks in, making sure it's empty. I assume it is, when he pulls me in and shuts it again.

"What are we doing in here?" I ask nervously, but still smiling.

"Getting away from everyone. I've been here since the party started. Headache." He says pointing to his head of curls.

"I'm not surprised. I've been here for like an hour and the music is making my head pound." I agree.

Harry wears a pair of black skinny jeans and a red polo. His hair is pulled back with a black bandanna and he holds one of the red cups in his hand. I take a seat on the queen sized bed and cross my legs. This dress is way too tight for that position so I just stand again.

"You look nice tonight. I wouldn't have expected to see you wear something so showie. I take it, Rebecca lended you the dress, and Paige did your makeup?" He questions and I raise my eyebrows.

"How exactly did you know that?" I ask him cocking my head to the side a bit.

"I've seen Rebecca wear that, and Paige loves anything that involed artsy type of things." He explains and I shrug my shoulder, seeing his point. The thought of Zayn tonight automatically brings me down again. I was alone, scared, and disappointed and he still wouldn't help me.

I let out a sigh at the thought and begin pacing with my arms crossed.

"What's wrong?" Harry asks me scrunching his eyebrows together and taking a seat on the bed.


"I call bullshit." He jokes and for a split second the edges of my mouth turn up, but then go back down. I like cheeky Harry. I like how nice he is and how considerate he is of others feelings. I sigh before telling him.


Harry's back straightens and his eyebrows furrow together. He looks... Jealous?

"What about Zayn?" He asks me cautiously. "You.. Like him?" 

My eyes go wide and my head snaps in his direction.

"No! I hate him. He's such a jerk and I try to be nice but he angers me so much. All he does is be a jerk back to me. He's nice one minute, and then I get my hopes up and try to talk to him, but then he treats me like shit! I hate it! He's bi-polar I swear!" When my rant is over, Harry looks way more relieved, but looks a little angry.

"He's a dick. If I were you, I'd just stop talking to him." Harry suggests. I nod in agreement, but I also feel like my heart has just been stomped on. What? Why am I hurt? My feelings are weird today.

"I don't know. Sometimes, it almost seems like he flirts with me." I admit and slump my shoulders like a weight was just thrown onto them.

"Britney, don't fall for his tricks. He flirts with half the school, and sleeps with 1/4 of the whole fucking town." He tells me and I flinch at his words. Fire spreads through my veins at this. I had my heart broken by someone like that in my old town. It took me about 3 weeks to recover from the pain. I hate people who do that. Now I dislike Zayn even more.

"Wow." Is all I can say to that. I'm becoming used to my friends vocabulary. He's about to speak again, when the door opens. Zayn pops his head in and I squeeze my fists tight together. Of course he's showed up.

"What the hell are you guys doing in here?" Zayn asks us and he looks angry to see me with Harry.

"Talking." Harry answers.

"Sure. Britney let's go." He orders and I cross my arms.

"Why?" I ask him in a sass filled tone.

"Paige and Rebecca are drunk so I'm taking you home." He tells me and I stand agape.

"Excuse me? You're not my personal chauffeur." I say using his words against him. He steps forward and crosses his arms like me.

"Really? Just quit being difficult and listen to me." He orders again and I dig my nails into my palms.

"You're not my owner! I'd rather walk home than be anywhere near you." I raise my voice at him thinking of him in bed with all those other women. I picture myself with my ex back home and I'm so angry that I can feel my cheeks turning red.

"What crawled up your ass?" He asks and I take a warning step forward. Before I can respond, a body is standing in front of me. Harry.

"Leave Zayn. She's obviously doesn't want to be around you. I'll take her home." Harry states and I peak around him to see the look on Zayns face. Zayn looks as if his head will explode any minute and it gives me a satisfying feeling. I can't tell if it's because I like seeing how angry he is since I pretty much despise him, or because Harry is so close to me. 

Harry is very adorable, funny, nice, and plenty of other things. Charming, even. I might think that I like him, but I can't say that because we've really only had a full conversation about two times now. He's saved me from Zayns horrible mood twice.

"No, you're not. She asked me first. I'll take her home." Zayn argues and I step out from behind Harry.

"And you rudely told me no! Don't pretend you're the good guy here Zayn. You're clearly not. Go away. I don't want you to talk to me ever again." I snap. For a split second, his eyes look disappointed and hurt, but then it disappears and is taken over by fury. 

"Fine! Have your little guardian angel take you home. I knew you were a snobby bitch the minute I saw you." He says and, once again, my heart has been thrown into a grinder by Zayn.

He storms out and I'm greatful. Heart broken by his harsh words, but grateful.

"Don't listen to him. I'll take you home." Harry assures and gives me a half hug.


I'M SO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING FOR 100 DECADES. I really do have a good reason this time. I found something out that really broke my heart. It really has had me in a daze for a while. :-/ JEEZ GUYS IM SUCH A WRECK. I promise though, I'll update soon. I got the next chapter all planned out in my head so it shouldn't take long ^.^ FAVORITE, ADD, COMMENT. ALRIGHT MY LOVLIES (omg how do you even spell that cx) 



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