Innately, there are qualities in human beings that are always repetitive. There are things like love and hate and jealousy that are just going to be there forever.


3. Chapter 3

-Britney's POV-

The first four periods go by extremely slow, and I feel as though I could fall asleep any minute now. All that we do in every class is say our names, learn the rules of the classroom, etc. I just want lunch time to come, so I can have a small break from this. Rebecca said I can sit with her and her friends, but she also told me they're different so I'm anxious to see what she means.

When the bell for the end of home base sounds, I stand and make my way to the cafeteria. I'm not going to eat anything because any schools food is disgusting. If anything, I'll just bring a granola bar to munch on everyday or something. I'm not hungry anyway. When I step inside the large room, I scan the tables for the head of blonde hair and possibly something 'different'. 

When I finally spot her I go and sit down next to her. She's in the middle of a conversation with a girl with strawberry blonde hair. Her eyes are blue-green and her skin is pale. Like Rebecca, her cheeks have a natural looking redness to them and she's also skinny. She wears black leggings like me, except hers look like someone took scissors to them. With that, she has on black combat boots and a white shirt with a jean jacket over. Paige stops talking and looks at me with confusion written on her face. Rebecca followers her eyes and when she sees me she smiles. 

"Oh, hey!"

"Hey." I answer blandly, but forcing on a smile.

"Paige, this is Britney. She's new to this school and she's shy. Britney, this is my friend Paige!" Rebecca introduces and grabs both of our hands, forcing a shake. Paige laughs at her friend and I notice her dimples. Paige is also gorgeous and she wears mascara and eyeliner, like Rebecca.

"Nice to meet you." I tell her and she returns the compliment. 

"Zayn bumped into her this morning and she fell and spilled all of her stuff. He just walked off." Rebecca gossips and raises her eyebrows.

"Sounds like the asshole we all know." Paige agrees and rolls her eyes. I fake laugh with them and some guy that has piercings and tattoos like Zayn comes and sits next to Paige. He kisses her cheek and she smiles when she realizes who it is. I'm just going to go ahead and assume it's her boyfriend. He has brown messy hair and blue eyes. 

"Louis, this is Britney." Rebecca tells him and he looks away from Paige to look at me. He puts on a half smile and says hi. 

"Zayn knocked her over this morning and spilled all of her stuff. And then just walked off. Rebecca had to help her." Paige informs him. 

"I'm not surprised. He is Zayn." Louis retorts and they chuckle. I just smile a little. 

"Yeah, and this morning during first period he was checking her out." Rebecca informs Louis and Paige. I feel my cheeks burning up and I look down, embarrassed.

"He probably just wants to fuck her." Louis concludes and I'm surprised by his language. My cheeks burn even more, but not just embarrassment. I can feel anger rising in me now. He thinks he can use me like that? No. I'm not like that. I don't sleep around.

I listen to them talk for about 5 more minutes. They occasionally ask me questions about myself, but I just use small answers, so I don't really have to be the center of attention.

"Where did you move from?' Paige questions and I answer her quietly.

"Casper, Wyoming."

"Oh, I hear there's a lot of druggies there." Louis adds and three others walk up and sit by us. There's a blonde one, who also has a lip piercing, and tattoos on his chest are seen through his white shirt.  He sits next to Rebecca and he places his arm around her. Great, another couple.

The other, is a guy with brown curly hair. He just sits on the other side of me. I'm starting to see why Rebecca said they're 'different', because this guy also has a lip piercing, eyebrow piercing, earrings, and has sleeves showing. I can't tell if they cover his chest because of his black shirt, but I know his eyes are a beautiful green. 

I can't help but slump my shoulders when a familiar face joins us. He sits across from me and groans when he sees me here. 

"What is she doing here?" He asks like I'm not even here. He's pointing at me and I shove his hand away from my face. 

"She's new here and needs friends. Got a problem Mr. 'I'm going to shove a random girl over and not even help when her whole bag spills' ?" Paige sasses. Zayn rolls his eyes.

"Well maybe she should go sit with the nobody's. That's what she looks like to me. Just another stuck up princess who has lived the perfect life and gets all the shit she wants. Right?" He remarks looking at me. I feel myself getting sicker and sicker of him and I feel like I could just smack him across the face without even caring about the consequences I would have to face.

"Well, maybe I should because quite frankly I haven't spoken one word to you, and I already can't stand you. And I can see you can't stand me." I back talk. I'm surprised by the words that come out of my mouth, and so is everyone else, but I'm glad I said them.

I stand up, but before I can go anywhere, a hand pulls me back. I expect it to be Rebecca or Paige, but the hand is larger and more firm than a females. When I look back, it's the curly haired guy that sat next to me. 

"No, you were here first and you're right. He's the dick here, so if anything he's leaving." He declares and I'm shocked. I'm nothing like this group of people, so why would they want me to stay?

"Fuck off Harry." Zayn expounds with fiery in his eyes.. I really don't understand why Zayn is acting like this towards me. He doesn't know anything about me. 

"Zayn, if you're going to be an ass then just leave right now. No one likes it when you act like this." Louis defines looking at his friend.

"Whatever. You all can go fuck each other." He replies in an angered voice. He throws down his fist so it hits the table with a loud bang, and then storms out. 

"Is he always such a jerk?" I ask them raising my eyebrows. You can hear the annoyance and anger in my voice. He's making my first day worse and worse.

"Sometimes, but never towards us. It's always in a teasing way with us. I don't understand how he can judge you without even knowing your name." Paige says answering my question. Everyone is looking at me.

"Me neither. I don't care though. I don't like him anyways." I tell them rolling my eyes and crossing my arms.

"I swear he isn't always like that." Rebecca assures me, but I can't help but not believe her. That's how he's acted every time I've seen him.


The bell rings indicating I have survived my first day, and when I walk out to my truck in the parking lot I can't help but feel like someone's watching me. I turn around and look around the lot. I don't see anyone until my eyes reach the side of the school. There, I see Zayn leaning against the wall. A cigarette is in his mouth and his arms are folded against his chest.

Our eyes meet and a smile tugs at the end of his lips. My heart beat picks up and when he notices I've spotted him he takes the cigarette in between his fingers. He blows a puff of white smoke out and turns and walks off. The smile still there. 

I'm confused, shocked, and scared by him all at the same time as I get into my truck. Before I start my truck, I force myself to focus. I take a drink of my water that I had in my bag, and start the truck. I need to focus on the road, not guys. I buckle my seat belt like I do every time I get in my car now, and slowly begin driving.

The entire time I drive to my house, I go one under the speed limit like I always do, and listen quietly to the radio. My phone begins to buzz violently, but I ignore it and focus on everything in front of me. 

When I reach my house, I leave everything in my truck and just go inside. All that's important that was in my bag is my phone, but it's not like anyone is going to need to get in touch with me besides my mom. She has the day off anyway, so I have nothing to worry about. 

When I get inside, my mother is no where to be seen. 

"Mom? I'm home!" I call throughout the house, but I get a zero response. Maybe she's the one that called me? I search the entire house, calling her name. The entire house is empty, and I sit on the end of my bed in confusion.

I panic a little at the thought of her being leaving and not telling me first. Something could have happened to her, which is bad. She's all I have left. I shutter at the thought and practically sprint from upstairs to the front door. 

I open the door and before I can get any further I scream as I hit something, causing me to fall over. Hard. Or perhaps, someone? The air is knocked out of me and I am on top of the person. 

"Zayn? What the heck?" I question and hurry off of his body. 

"What the hell are you doing? Trying to kill me?" He asks in a shocked voice. He stands up and brushes himself off. I half expect him to offer me a hand and help me up, but I'm not surprised that he doesn't.

"No, the question is, what are you doing? How do you know where I live?" I ask standing and backing up cautiously. 

"I followed you. You dropped this, and I figured it's pretty important." He tells me holding out a small piece of paper.

My face softens and I grab it from him. I slowly unfold the paper and my heart beat picks up, once again. It's a card Jordyn made for me on my 14th birthday, talking about how we will always be together, we will always be friends, no matter what happens. I almost begin crying, but then I remember I'm not alone.

"Yeah, it is. Thanks." I tell him quietly and turn around. 

"I read it. I opened it to see who's it was, and read it. I figured that since you're new here, then you would want that back as a memory of your friends from where you used to live." He says.

I'm actually really surprised at how he is treating me. A few hours ago, he was insulting me, and telling everyone how much he hated me. I don't recognize the man here, actually being nice to me.

But his words also sting. It is a memory of her. 

"Yeah. Thanks, but you can go now." I say excusing him. 

"Are you home alone?" He asks me noticing how empty our drive way is.

"Uhm, yeah. I guess my mom went to the store or something." I retort tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

"What about your dad?" He asks and my mind gets put even deeper down into my state of depression than it already was.

"He's not home either." I answer coldly and turn around. I jog to the door of my truck and reach over to my bag. The card must have been in the bottom of my bag. I guess it fell out when he knocked me over this morning? 

I dig through my bag and grab my phone. I check who the missed call is from and it's a 1800 number. Not my mother. My heart falls and I sigh. Anxiety is just running through my veins right now.

"Why do you leave your stuff in the car? Someone could take it. Not to mention your truck was unlocked." Zayn judges.

"I know." Is all I say back. I didn't really think of anyone coming to take my stuff. That's not my greatest worry right now.

"Then why'd you do it?" He asks tauntingly. See, now he's starting to get obnoxious again.

"I'm 19 years old Zayn, I can do what I please." I snap at him. I expect a crude remark, but instead, I'm faced with a question.

"You're 19? And you're just starting senior year?" He asks laughing a little.

"Yeah. I stopped going to school two years ago." I say rudely.

"Really? Why?" He questions me, yet again.

"None of your business." I state and slam my truck door. I don't know why, but he just gets me so fired up.

"You can leave now." I tell him crossing my arms.

"Now who's being the ass?" He asks me crossing his arms as well. 

I'm about to talk back, but my moms car pulls up. I sigh in relief and when she gets out of the car she walks over to Zayn and I. 

"Where were you?" I ask her in almost an angry tone.

"I was at the store. My phone died so I called your phone from a payphone, but you didn't answer." She answers.

"Oh." Is all I say back. 

"Who's this?" she asks looking between Zayn and I.

"I'm Zayn. She dropped something and figured I should bring it back. It seemed kind of important." he informs my mother with a smile. It was the kind of smile that would make anybody like him and I roll my eyes. Suck up. 

"Oh, well thank you! What was it?" She asks and I hand her the card. She opens it and her frown disappears and worry is showing in her face.

"How... Why did you bring this to school in the first place?" She asks sounding a little angry with me. My mom never actually gets angry at me so I'm a little taken back.

"I didn't mean to, I guess it was in the bottom of my bag and fell out when... Some guy... ran into me in the hall and I fell. Sorry." I avoid saying it was Zayn. My mom looks a little upset with how she let her anger show. She quickly forces the smile back on her face and hands me the card.

"Well, nice to meet you Zayn! Are you a friend of Britney's?" She questions.

"Yeah, kinda." Zayn answers and I can't help but roll my eyes.

"Oh, well that's good. She doesn't have any friends yet because we moved." My mom says and Zayn laughs. His tongue is between his teeth and his eyes are squinted. My features soften when I see him like this. I like this happy side of him. The way he laughs is adorable. I'm blushing madly at what my mother said though.

"Well, will you guys be hanging out? Britney, if you do I need to know when and where. I don't want you going anywhere without telling me." She asks looking at me.

"Maybe." Zayn says smirking at me and then begins walking back to his car. "I'll see you around  Brit." He adds. The only other person who has called me 'Brit' is Jordyn, my father, and my mom. I like the way he says it though.

But... Maybe?

I'm now confused as ever as he drives off in his car. I don't want him back here. I don't like him and he doesn't like me. Well, that's what I thought. He angers me, and gets me fired up. That's what I've found out in just this day that I have seen him around, but yet I can't help but like his company. 

Well, when he's nice anyway.

Why was he so nice all of a sudden?


That one word has now got me confused as ever.

And so does that one boy.

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