Innately, there are qualities in human beings that are always repetitive. There are things like love and hate and jealousy that are just going to be there forever.


2. Chapter 2

-Britney's POV-

When I arrive at school, everyone is staring at me and I feel very shy, and very self conscious. Being the new girl is definitely going to be hard. 

"Nice car." Someone says laughing at my small, farm looking truck. Its black and has scratches and paint chips on it from old age. It's the only car my mom could afford to get me after having to pay for my hospital bill after the accident, counseling sessions, and the big move.

"Thanks?" I say unsure and I turn and walk away. I can feel fire in my cheeks and I focus on my feet as I walk.

See, the old me would say something sarcastic back, and maybe throw in an insult and walk away laughing with my group of friends. But now the lively, fun, never-stops-talking Britney Young has replaced itself with the shy, quiet, soft one.

As I walk to the office to get my schedule, I look around. The school is big and a lot of people walk the halls. Some look like preps, some look like nerds, and some look shy. And then there's the troublemaker group. 

I get to the Main Office and there's a lady there with long brown hair in a suit. She's talking to a guy in black skinny jeans. He has a white T-shirt on, and black boots on his feet. His hair is black and and lies messy on his head. Not the kind of messy where it looks like he just woke up, but an attractive messy. I stand next to him, waiting for my turn to talk to her. When I look up to see his face, I take in his features. 

His eyes are a dark, chocolate brown. They look mean, but sweet and innocent at the same time. His skin is a light brown, and I see tattoos peeking out from underneath his white shirt. He has many peircings in, and I automatically assume he's probably a big troublemaker in this school. One of his rings is in his lip, and I can see diamond earrings barely showing through his hair. I already don't like him, and I can tell which group he falls into in this school.

He glances over at me and scrunches his eyebrows. I look down at my feet, hoping he doesn't talk to me. I think he's about to, but then luckily the office lady stops him.

"Mr. Malik. How is it, that the first day of school hasn't even started, and you've already been sent down here? That's not exactly a good way to start the year." She asks sounding like she wants the school year to end already.

I was right. She didn't even have to ask him his name. That proves he's definitely a trouble maker.

"Profanity is not allowed in this school, it is very inappropriate, and I need to find a better way to express myself. Blah blah blah, unacceptable, blah blah blah. Someone should really tell Mr. Blake to lighten up. He takes this whole 'job' shit too seriou-"

"Mr. Malik! Are you really going to get sent to the office for using inappropriate language, and then use more profanity, while explaining why you were sent here?" She questions sounding dissapointed in him. 

He rolls his eyes and she lets out a frustrated sigh.

"Just because it's the first day, I'll let you off with a warning. Please Mr. Malik, let's make this a good year." She adds and crosses her arms.

"Whatever." He retorts with almost no emotion in his ruff voice. As he walks out, he knocks my shoulder with his side hard, and I am knocked to the floor. My bag spills everywhere and all my books, notebooks, my phone, keys and wallet slide across the floor. I look up and he just continues walking away with a smirk planted on his face. My eyes burn a hole in the back of his head from the vicious glare I wear. I feel a bruise forming on my right knee, and also on my right shin.

A girl with blonde hair that goes to the middle of her back walks over to me and offers me a hand. Her eyes are a bright blue, and she is gorgeous. She's skinny, with light blue jeans on. They show her curves perfectly, and she has on a long sleeved shirt. The sleeves are a black lace, and the rest of the shirt is covered in colorful flowers. It looks like a 'I'm a good girl' shirt until you see the skull in the middle of it. Her skin is pale and she wears a lot of eye liner and mascara. She has natural light red cheeks, and I'm not lying when I say she really is gorgeous. 

"I'm so sorry!" She says as she helps me stand. "He can be a real jerk." She adds with sincereness laced in her words.

"I can tell." I mumble and I begin picking up my things. She bends down and starts helping me. 

"Are you the new girl? I haven't seen you before." She asks. 

"Yeah." Is all I say. I can't seem to find the energy to say anything else. I don't really talk to people anymore, besides my mom.

"Are you shy? You seem shy." She questions me glancing over. Our eyes meet and I force a smile. I like her, but I really am not a social person anymore.

"I guess that's one way to put it." I answer her and I put my all of my books in my bag. She helps by placing my notebooks in there as well. Once everything is in, we both stand back up straight.

"Oh. Well, my names Rebecca. What's yours?" She asks sending me a smile. 

"Britney." I retort putting on another small smile. I haven't smiled for real in a long time. 

"Oh, cool.. Well, if you need some help finding your classes, or someone to sit with at lunch then you can sit with me and my friends. We're different, but I swear we're nice!" She says and laughs a little. I force a small laugh and answer her.

"Okay. Thanks." I tell her trying to end the conversation. I think she's about to start another one, but I turn around to talk to the office lady so she can't.

"Hi. I'm new here. I'm here to get my schedule." I say cutting to what I came for in the first place. She looks alarmed at how I just rushed the words out, but recovers and opens a drawer.

"Okay sweetie. Can I get your name please?" She asks. She's quite nice, and I feel a little bad being so impolite.

"Britney Young." I tell her and begin twiddling my thumbs impatiently. She hands me two papers stapled together. The top one is my schedule, and the bottom one is a map of the halls.

"Thank you." I say and turn around. I walk to find my locker, so I can put all of my stuff away before my classes start. It only takes about 10 minutes to get organized. Once I'm finished, the bell rings and the halls begin to fill up. No one talks to me as I walk to my first period, which is English, and I'm okay with that. When I get to the class the teacher is there to greet his students this year.

"Good morning! I'm Mr. Elletson. You're english teacher." He states and shakes my hand lightly. He is bald with a small beard and mustache, and he wears dress pants with a black sweater.

"I'm Britney." I say in return and walk in. English has always been one of my better subjects, so I'm glad I have it first period.

I take my seat in the middle row. I only brought a notebook and a pencil. From what I remember, you don't really do anything in the beginning of the year until after about a week. 

Jordyn and I use to get in trouble a lot during school for talking and goofing off all class. I once got caught passing a note to her talking bad about our sub, but before she could read it the sub took it and sent us to the office after reading it. 

I'm knocked out of my thoughts when someone sits next to me. When I look over, it's the blonde girl. Rebecca, I think her name is?

"Long time no see." she jokes and I smile a little.

"How convenient." I state, joking back. 

"Yeah. So how's your first day so far? Well, besides getting pushed over by a guy you don't know." She asks me and I sigh.

"Boring and irrelevant." I answer raising my eyebrows. I can't help but wonder what that guys name is. All he was called while I was there was 'Mr. Malik'.

Right as I'm about to ask her, the teacher walks in and begins taking roll. I'm of coarse, going to be at the end of the list. I'm not really paying attention, until I hear a certain name. 

"Malik? Zayn Malik?" Mr. Elletson asks. So that's his name.

"Does anyone know where Z-" He is cut off by the door opening. Zayn walks in.

"Here." He says and takes a seat in the row in front of me. 

"Zayn, are we going to have another bad year?" The teacher asks and when I look at him, Zayn is just smirking.

"No, sir." He says the 'sir' with sass in his voice and I shake my head and look away. I really don't like him already. 

"I sure hope not."

When my name is called it is the very last one. I say 'here' and Zayn turns back to look at me. He smirks and I roll my eyes.

"Oh, turn around Zayn." Rebecca whispers with a rude tone. 

"Fuck you Rebecca." He whispers back. I can tell they know each other, but I can't tell if they're 'friends'.

"Not even on your birthday." She responds crossing her arms and I laugh. Actually laugh. Not hard, but a quiet chuckle. He makes eye contact, but then turns back around after showing her his middle finger. 

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