Innately, there are qualities in human beings that are always repetitive. There are things like love and hate and jealousy that are just going to be there forever.


11. Chapter 11

-Britney's POV-

The black spots slowly begin to fade from my eyes, and the first thing I hear is the ear piercing scream that comes from my right. What's going on? 

I turn my head to see who's there, and that's when the realization comes in. To my right, is something that tears my whole world apart. 

"No!" I scream so loud I hear it echo through the vacant street. "Someone help! Anybody!"

There's blood leaking through all different parts of my clothing, but for the time being I ignore it.

"Britney, help me. Please, just- just, make it stop. !It hurts, please make it stop!" Jordyn yells through sobs. Theres a crimson colored liquid seeping through her clothes, and it doesn't take me long to realize what it is. There are tears pouring from her eyes and as she yells this to me, I catch sight of blood leaving her mouth. She's dying. And there's no one here to help. And it's all my fault. 


I jump awake when my phone rings obnoxiously loud. I groan and rub my head. Now that I've talked about it, the nightmares are going to come more frequently. And I'm not mentally, physically, or emotionally ready for that. The worst ones are the ones that are actually apart of what happened.

My phone makes another annoying noise. I get up, rubbing my head again and wiping some sweat from my head. Before I can answer the phone, my mom comes barging into my room looking panicked.

"Are you okay?" She asks me, breathing unevenly.

"Yeah, just a bad dream. I'm okay." My mothers body relaxes a little, but her breathing is still a bit heavy. I imagine she ran up here.

"Alright, I heard you screaming for help. Do you need anything?"

My mother's always like this after my nightmares reappear. she feels so bad for me that she does anything I were to ask. She used to go to the store at 2 o'clock in the morning and buy me movies when the nightmares first started. 

"No, I'm fine mom. Thank you." I force a little smile and she stands there a little longer before closing the door behind her. 

I look at my alarm clock, resting on my nightstand. It's late, so I decide to just go back to bed. I'm about to head over to my dresser to get pajamas on, but I don't make it far before my phone begins ringing again.

I groan from the obnoxious noise. Who would be calling this late anyway?

"Hello?" I tiredly answer my phone.

"Look who finally decided to answer their phone. Where the hell are you?" Rebecca's slightly drunk voice asks me.

"At home. Where am I suppose to be?" I ask curiously. 

"You should be sneaking out of your house and getting your skinny ass over to my house. My family's outta town." Rebecca's invitation has me a little worried. Last time I snuck out.. yeah. 

"How many people are there?" I ask her nonchalantly.

"Just our group of friends. I'm not gonna drag you to another party, I swear. Just come have some fun and I'll drive you home afterwards." She offers and I have an inner battle start inside me. The rebellious side wins.

"... Fine, but I'm not walking to your house. I just woke up." I state and she automatically has an answer. 

"Don't get all sassy with me. I will get you drunk as fu-" 

I cut her off.

"I'm not drinking." I snap.

"Woah there! Sounds like you need to be." she jokes and I roll my eyes. 

"I'll have someone there to pick you up in 10 minutes. Be ready." She jokingly tries to sound mean with the last part and I laugh, shake my head, and hang up.

And then I realize what I just agreed to do. 

Dammit. Britney, really?

This time I make it to my dresser. I decide to dress kinda decent, aka like a normal teenage girl that wants attention from the opposite sex, and put on black skinny jeans. 

Next, I slide off the shirt I have on now, and replace it with a white, lacy tank top that's right around my chest and loose on the bottom. 

It's already 11:30 so my moms definitely asleep by now. So, I grab my phone, slide on black converse, and decide to just go out my window.

Just in case my mom decides to check on me sometime tonight, I turn my light off and lock the door. Now comes the difficult part. 

The window needs to stay cracked so I get back in. I climb down the slightly slanted roof until I reach the edge of it. Its only a few inches higher than the top of my fence. After almost slipping twice, I'm relieved as I sit on the edge of my fence. Luckily, the jump isn't far. 

I'm finally on the grass, wet from the sprinklers, and it takes me a few minutes to realize there's a black vehicle quietly running across the street. 

A/N- Hey guys. Sorry I haven't updated in forever. My laptop is being broken and I don't have any others at my house that I could use. So, as an apology I'm giving you this extremely short chapter that I wrote on my iPod (so excuse any weird errors) and i'll update ASAP. I would've made it longer but it's hard writing on iPods and if I had, with what I had planned the chapter, it would be like a mile long if I continued. I'm sure you would've loved that (lol), and I would've continued it, IF I HAD A LAPTOP. But yeah. My One Direction concert is in like 11 days in Arizona so if any of you happen to live in Phoenix we should meet up OMG. I should be able to update a really good chapter while I'm there because I'm staying in a pent house with free wifi and a desktop computer. So I know that would be a long wait but it's the only idea I've got. How about I start it on my iPod and finish it in Phoenix? that would work best. and that way I can just finish it like right away(: and by the way, FLAME HAS OVER FREAKIN 100 COMMENTS AND WHEN I SAW THAT, I LITERALLY CRIED I WAS SO HAPPY. Thanks you so much guys, and I mean this with so much love. I can't believe this. You guys are helping make my writing dreams come to life and I can't thank you enough for that. Without all you, Flame would be nothing.  so yeah I'm sorry for this extremely long and boring authors note lolol I love you guys so much. enjoy xx

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