We Are Valued

Inspired by the YouTube video 'Dear Mr Gove'. A little message to a few people in education.


2. It's A Sin To Kill A Mockingbird

It's a sin to kill a mockingbird,
Who sings such a pretty song.
If Mr Gove had read that book,
He'd know that axing it is wrong.

The students of my class don't know it,
As Lee was switched to Steinbeck.
But still both books should hold their place,
Or closed young minds Gove shall wreck.

The best laid plans of mice and men,
They have a knack of going wrong.
Causing sins like killing the mockingbird,
As it sings such a pretty song.

Gove says us students in exams,
Should embrace our culture's diversity.
Yet he decides to axe American classics,
From the English Literature GCSE.

I can understand the Dickens emphasis,
To study Shakespeare I see the need.
Please just read through anything already set,
And you will see why to you I do plead.

Do you want us to stop reading for pleasure,
Or just brainwash us all with your blindness?
Why remove To Kill A Mockingbird from the course,
If you want to show us some literary kindness?

It's bad enough your disregard for other subjects,
Just don't screw up one that holds such prowess.
What's next, Animal Farm? 1984? Any others?
Gove's sheer ignorance is truly boundless.

You can make your own decisions now,
I know my poem may be too long.
But it's a sin to kill a mockingbird,
Who sings such a pretty song.

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