When Sherlock and John find they have a new person living in the flat above him, Sherlock is forced to socialise with her. How will he take it?


4. The murder case

I had been sitting in their flat for almost nine hours now. It was four in the morning and it was just me and Sherlock still speaking. John has gone to bed hours ago, like any normal person would have done, but normal people were so boring! I mean what must go on in that tiny little head of theirs? Mr Holmes and I hadn't been talking about anything remotely interesting so I asked him, "so Sherlock, what case are you on now?" He looked over at me. "What does it matter to you?" He snapped back, just being Sherlock I guess. "Well I trained to be a detective, I may be able to help." I explained. And I had trained to be a detective. It was very brief, when I was enrolling in the police force I had to do a course on mystery solving and that counts as detective work, right? "Come here then," he said and lead me to a wall on the far side of the room. There were a few gunshots in the plaster, he saw me looking at them. "I got bored," he said, before i even asked about them. "Only boring people get bored. Now let's solve this case!" I replied and we got to work. On the wall here were all papers pinned up, photos of people, newspaper articles, maps, everything. I examined each clipping and then began questioning his work. "So these two newspaper aticles, they're both about girls getting murdered and you've connected them with the red string, implying that they're linked, but in reality, they have nothing to do with each other." I explained. "What do you mean?" Sherlock asked. "Well explain to me how they could be linked?" I questioned. "They were both murders of two young girls, both killed on the same day a month apart, the second of each month. It can't be coincidence that the two murders happened in the same village too, a village no one even likes. Is it coincidence these two girls had the same birthday? There is definitely something fishy about this case and we need to solve it, before another one gets killed." Mr Holmes finished, defiantly.

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