When Sherlock and John find they have a new person living in the flat above him, Sherlock is forced to socialise with her. How will he take it?


2. The arguments

A few days later-

I have settled in nicely to my new home. Everything's unpacked, Mrs Huddson has been visiting me each day bringing snacks and helping me settle in. I encountered one of the men that lives below me, I think his name was John. He had grey hair cut very neatly, he stood tall and strong, this gave me the clue that he was a soldier. No marks though so a doctor? Army doctor that was it. He has bright blue eyes, had a slight limp wore a checked shirt, blue jeans and a brown coat, just your average guy really, though he was slightly on the short side. He seemed ok.

"Sherlock you can't just do that!" I heard John screaming through the floor. Here we go again! Those two had been arguing on and off for the past three hours. I had picked up on the fact that John was trying to convince his roommate, Sherlock, to stop retiring. I decided to head downstairs to see what was happening and try to stop it so I pulled on my black converse and headed down.

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