When Sherlock and John find they have a new person living in the flat above him, Sherlock is forced to socialise with her. How will he take it?


5. Off to the hospital

Sherlock and I had done our research, we spent all of the night looking up everything we could about these girls. Right now, Sherlock was on the phone, calling the girls parents in to speak with us. "Wait Sherlock, I think I'm onto something," I started and I found Amber Bedo's twitter account. Amber was the first girl who was mudered. The second was Melissa Tripo but she didn't matter right now. I saw her twitter timeline and went back to all her posts. "Oh shit. Sherlock how do you know it was murder?" I asked, looking through the photos. There was one of her wrist, covered in scars and blood, another of a tied rope hanging from her ceiling, another of a bloody knife, I could go on but Sherlock approached me and looked over my shoulder. "Oh no." He mumbled under his breath. "Sherlock, how do you know it was murder, how do you know it wasn't suicide?" I asked again. "Hold on, let's go through the facts: the girls were both shot with the same style gun, but different guns. They left the guns behind this is the one thing I can't figure out, why would they leave the guns behind? But yes, the guns were found on he floor by the dead body and the girls, one of them was shot in the temple, the other in the lungs. The bullets were full of a white powder too, it wasn't dangerous at all, I've got Molly to check it out for me. But yes, that's all we know." He finished. "Sherlock, do you know that's happened, or it that just what the newspapers and police say?" I questioned. "Well I have seen the bodies but I only saw photos of them where they had been shot." He replied. "So you haven't actually seen the guns?" I asked, "no." Sherlock admitted. "And the bodies are in?" I asked, "Saint Barts Hospital." Sherlock finished for me. "Well then Mr Holmes, it looks like we're off to the hospital!"

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