When Sherlock and John find they have a new person living in the flat above him, Sherlock is forced to socialise with her. How will he take it?


3. Fake signatures

"Hello?" I called through the door as I knocked. Suddenly the door was flung open and someone was screaming "I have the right to do whatever I like so you can just stay out of it!" I came to my senses and realised it must have been Sherlock who was screaming in my face. By now he was pacing around the sitting room. John approached me, "I'm so sorry, would you like a cup of tea or anything?" He asked me. "Um yeah I'll have a tea, milk and two sugars thanks." I told him and he headed towards the kitchen. Sherlock had sat down on one of the couches, I sat on the one facing him. "So-" I started but before I could say anything he started describing me, "your collar isn't straight, you put your shirt on in a rush but you haven't left the house before coming down here and your shoelace is undone, there's mud on your shoes and fur on your leggings you have a dog, no, had a dog. You had a dog when you lived with your parents now you've moved out for the first time you're not married, no ring, not engaged, not in a relationship at all because I know you moved here yourself ahh thanks for the tea John!" Sherlock exclaimed barely pausing for breath. Instead of complementing him I simply asked, "you do that too?" He nodded, looking shocked I did it. "I do it all the time, just in my head. In fact I was observing you Mr Holmes." I said. I had caught his sir name from an identity tag hanging off the edge of the table. His trousers were creased so he had clearly been sitting but fidgeting for a while earlier. His eyes were straight, fixed on me. So he didn't find this situation at all awkward? Good because people who find stupid things awkward are just stupid people. I don't like stupid people. Although if we didn't have stupid people, we would have nothing to compare us clever people too. I looked at John, "my tea?" I asked. "Um yeah it's just in the kitchen, one moment." And he rushed off towards the kitchen. "So Mr Holmes, what exactly do you do?" I asked him. "I'm a consulting detective-" he started but I cut him off. "No, I didn't ask what your job is, I asked what do you do?" I repeated. "Well I solve cases." He replied. I picked up on his sense of insecurity. He wasn't comfortable telling me this. Why? "Mr Holmes, is it legal, you solving all these 'cases'?" I asked, looking him in the eye. He didn't break the contact. "No." He told me. Just then John burst into the room holding my tea. "Thanks Jonh!" I exclaimed, taking a sip. "We shall have to continue this disscussion later on Mr Holmes." I said, looking over towards Sherlock. He had bright green eyes and a mane of dark, curly hair. His face was slim with high cheekbones and a long neck. He was rather attractive, not that I liked that kind of person anyway. He nodded and said, "please, call me Sherlock." I nodded back at him. John looked between us, "so! Miss Belton am I right?" John asked me, trying to make conversation. "Her name is Jasmine Holly Belton." Sherlock butted in before I could answer. I just nodded, "how do you know?" I asked him. "Oh not very interesting, Mrs Huddson asked me and John to sign a contract that we were ok with someone moving in upstairs and it so happened your name was on the paper." I looked at him but John asked, "what contract?" Looking incredibly confused. The two of us looked over to Sherlock, waiting for an explanation, "yes I faked your signature, problem?" John just shook his head, not saying anything.

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