Bootcamp with my dream guy

Candy (Mary-Ann)'s parents didn't like her behavior and they sent her to boot camp. Candy has a new life there. In boot camp, she meets 3 new people (two girls and a boy). The guy she meets is familiar that she doesn't know exactly where she came form. He had something to tell her one day...


4. This is where trouble begins...

Candy's POV

Lexy and Kimberly saw me looking in the other direction. "Who  you looking at girl?" Lexy

asked, wiggling her eyebrows. "That guy over there. The blond dude." I pointed. We saw him

crawling now. "That's Niall. He's been here almost a year now." Lexy said. "How did you

know?" I asked her. "Get the facts from somewhere." Lexy grinned. "Anyway. I really want to

talk to him." I said, practically begging. "Rules are the rules Candy." Kimberly says shaking her

head. "We can't meet the boys. It's a dang rule." She said with a sigh. "Oh, okay." "There's a

little bit of hope though." Her eyes twinkle with mischief. "Please tell me that we aren't going to

his room." I said. "Oh we are big time. Plus, we have the Circle." "What's the Circle?" I asked.

"We don't know." Lexy answered. "We'll find out soon." Then we went back inside. "It's dinner!"

The PA system cried out. We went to the cafeteria where they were serving dinner. "Ugh, that

piece of crap?" Kimberly, obviously looking disgusted. For dinner, it was sloppy joe. "Uh..this

doesn't even look like sloppy joe." Lexy whined. "Eat your food!" The chaperon hissed at her.

Lexy nervously ate. "Ugh! This doesn't even TASTE like food." Kimberly's food looked worse

than mine. "I'm gonna throw it out." Kimberly wasn't worried of the consequences. She simply

stood up and threw it out. "A female simply threw her food out!" A chaperon called out. The two 

security guards who were standing by the main door took Kimberly harshly by the arm and

dragged her out. "She must go to the consequence room!" She rolled her eyes. Then came the

Circle. A staff member gathered us males and females to make a circle. Then he/she would

choose a random person so they can make them feel ashamed. Do you really want to know

who the person was? Me. Not a surprise. I slowly stood up when he called my name. "So, that

slut who went to the rowdy party and lost her virginity. Am I right?" He asked. "No." I said

quietly but hoarsely. "Don't you dare ever correct me!" He hollered. He slapped me. "Now, I'm

asking you if you lost your virginity?" He asked more rudely than the last time. "I never lost my

virginity you dumb-butt !" I screamed. He became wide-eyed. He went over to me and punched

me in the eye. "You little faggot!" He screamed. "Did you lose your virginity?!" He asked

screaming. "I never did!" I kept saying. "Everyone here, she's a liar. Don't believe the crap she

gotta say." He said. "Liar!" One girl screamed. "You little slut!" A boy screamed. "A freakin'

whore!" Another boy screamed. Everyone kept calling me names. "Oh, so you won't cooperate,

eh?" I gave him the daring look. "You're coming with me!" He hissed. He grabbed me by the

hair and dragged me out. I started screaming and he pulls my hair harder. "Stop screaming you

slut!" He yells.

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