Bootcamp with my dream guy

Candy (Mary-Ann)'s parents didn't like her behavior and they sent her to boot camp. Candy has a new life there. In boot camp, she meets 3 new people (two girls and a boy). The guy she meets is familiar that she doesn't know exactly where she came form. He had something to tell her one day...


7. Thinking...

A/N-Maybe I should continue.

Niall's POV

The handler guy lead me back to my room. Why do I have a guard? I'm extremely aggressive and

violent also. My life sucked as hell...until Candy showed up. She had spunk today. She nearly got

raped (I felt bad for her) and she got the person fired. It turned out that he was a serial rapist. I

have always wondered ever since she came here. Why is she here? She looks so innocent. She

got those brown eyes that make me lose my train of thought. That red hair. I just have to rip it off

of her head. She has that body. Maybe I should take her to my room...Why am I thinking these

things? The handler watched me as if I was going to murder him. Who am I kidding? I really do

want to murder someone! I just sat on the bed and looked outside. I was restricted of going

outside everyday until further notice. Why? I beat up a boy who was extremely rude and

obnoxious. Fortunately, I only got out twice a week. I really want to see Candy again.

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