Bootcamp with my dream guy

Candy (Mary-Ann)'s parents didn't like her behavior and they sent her to boot camp. Candy has a new life there. In boot camp, she meets 3 new people (two girls and a boy). The guy she meets is familiar that she doesn't know exactly where she came form. He had something to tell her one day...


3. My new roommates

Candy's POV

I looked at Kimberly and Lexi. They looked at me back, with no emotion. 

That's Kimberly

That's Lexy. She looks very innocent until she tells me this: "I was a prostitute at the alleys." I

didn't bother asking anymore questions. "What's your name?" They asked me. "Candy." I said.

"That's unusual." Lexy said. "My real name is Mary-Ann but everyone calls me Candy." I said,

shrugging that matter off. "Anyway, why are you here?" Kimberly asked me. "I went to a rowdy

party, nearly lost my virginity to some random senior if it weren't for a girl coming into the room."

I explained. "Wow, my parents would've shipped me to Guatemala." Kimberly said. "I'm here

because I sold illegal stuff on the streets before my little sister squealed on me. I begged her

not to but she doesn't listen." She sighed in depression. "They tried to pry my piercings off but I

bit one of the staff people and looks what they done to me." She lifted her shirt until the torso

was shown. There was an ugly-looking bruise. "Ouchies." Lexy said. "Guys, you can call me

Lex, I don't mind." She said with a weak smile. Just then, Tabitha appeared at our doorway.

"Come outside, the Mistress wants you guys to do something." She said. We walked out and

went outside. "All you lazybones!" She screams. "It's time for you girls to run 5 miles!" We

groaned. "Seriously? When it's almost 5 o'clock?" Kimberly hissed. "Go! No walking, or

stopping. If you can't run anymore, then start crawling on your knees!" She hollered. "Now get

going!" She screamed. We went off running. Some fat girl name Terry (a girl for real) didn't

even last for 30 seconds and she's tired already. "Come on you little whore! Get a move on!"

The Mistress kicked her in the rear end. She yelped in pain. "I can't believe that Lex is already

ahead. Can you believe that?" Kimberly asked me. "I know, right?" On halfway on the 3rd mile,

I became tired and started crawling. "So, crawling already?" She asked. "Yep, just started." I

said. "That's good. I've been crawling for 2 minutes now." I just wanted to pass out. I was in so

much pain. "I feel like passing out!" I said. "At least you're not doing 7 miles." Kimberly said.

"The boys are." She motioned her head towards the other side. There were a bunch of guys

jogging or sprinting. Sprinting makes you tired fast. "Some of them must be tired already."

Kimberly said. "Look! A guy passed out!" I pointed out. "Damn, some of them are freaking lazy."

She shakes her head. "Remember Terry?" "Oh yeah, is wasn't 30 seconds and she's tired

already." I looked at the other side, and there was a cute blonde boy running, and his face was


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