Bootcamp with my dream guy

Candy (Mary-Ann)'s parents didn't like her behavior and they sent her to boot camp. Candy has a new life there. In boot camp, she meets 3 new people (two girls and a boy). The guy she meets is familiar that she doesn't know exactly where she came form. He had something to tell her one day...


2. Mistress

Candy's POV

The bus ride was extremely long. I just wanted to get out. People were flying paper airplanes

across the bus. The bus driver never noticed but I did. I decided to go to sleep. I felt a bump on

my shoulder. I woke up and there, some guy was standing there. "Miss! You better wake up or

I'll push you down to the ground!" He threatened. I looked at him and paid attention. "Whoever

is a male here, come with me. Whoever is a female, stay here!" He barked. About 37 guys

stood up and left the bus. A few minutes later, a lady came. "Attention ladies! You aren't here to

fool around, you aren't here to play like babies. You are here to learn and have a better

behavior!" She shrieked. The girls shrinks into their seats. "Hand over the electronics!" She

screamed. "What if our parents call?" A girl asked timidly. "As if that's ever gonna happen!" The

lady had a sack wide open and demanded to have our electronics in there. A few were hesitant

and she slapped them. The girls whimpered and silently praying for something to happen.

"Ma'am, your electronic!" She screamed. "Here." I rolled my eyes. I looked out the window.

"Now listen, I don't feel guilty for punishing you severely if you like. We have granted

permission from your parents to punish you anyway we like." She snarled. I wasn't paying

attention and the lady noticed. She slapped me hard. "Pay attention!" She hollered.

She particularly spat on my face. "Now let's go. There are some things I'm going to explain to

you." She had us line up in a single file. We went out and into a great, big building that was

ugly. "Okay, I'm the Mistress and I determine respect for you girls. You must call me ''ma'am'' or

you'll be punished. We have females who graduated in 6 months, others are still here who

haven't because they are damn stupid! I want you ladies to follow my instructions and follow the

guidelines to the things I'm about to tell you." She said rules like how to not visit boys on the

other side anytime unless permitted for a very good reason, not assaulting others on ground,

and more. "You! She screamed at a girl name Maurice. "Tell me one rule that you learned!"

"Not to assault anyone on grounds." She glared at Maurice. "You!" She screamed at me. "You

tell me one!" She spits on my face. "Not to visit boys on the other side anytime unless permitted

for a very good." I said confidently. "Good, good. Now girls! The chaperon here is Tabitha.

Some of you would be assigned to her. The rest of you girls would be assigned to

me. Everyone tensed up. 'Please don't assign me to the mistress!' I silently prayed. "Mary-Ann! 

You're assigned to Tabitha." I sighed with relief. ''Well, that's the last girl for Tabitha. The rest,

you're with me!" The others sighed with depression. "Come on you good-for-nothing slackers!"

She hollered at them. They sighed and walked faster. "Lousy people." The mistress muttered.

Tabitha was too gorgeous to be here, with us menacing people. This is what Tabitha looks like


"Come on girls, I'll show you to your rooms." She said calmly.  We went inside the rooms, ad it

was good-looking either. "Only half of you would be here, the other half is down the hall."

Tabitha explained. I looked at my new roommates. Their names are Kimberly and Lexy. 


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