Bootcamp with my dream guy

Candy (Mary-Ann)'s parents didn't like her behavior and they sent her to boot camp. Candy has a new life there. In boot camp, she meets 3 new people (two girls and a boy). The guy she meets is familiar that she doesn't know exactly where she came form. He had something to tell her one day...


10. Flirting and Touching

Candy's POV

I woke up, squinting to see if Kimberly or Lexy were here. Neither of them were in bed. I looked at the clock. Crap, I'm late! I washed myself and put my ratty uniform on. I rushed outside to the field. Both Lexy and Kimberly were there. "Why didn't you guys wake me up?" I asked. "That's because you didn't wake up. You kept moving around and hitting Lexy away." Kimberly explained. "Oh." "Anyway, you're lucky that the Mistress isn't here, otherwise you would've been in big trouble." Lexy said. I sighed in relief. Just then, Niall came to us. "Hey girls." "Hey Niall." We said. "I'm on time, right?" He asked. "She's not here." I said. He sighed in relief. "That's because I forgot where I left my shoes, so I was looking for them for 15 minutes." The Mistress came with a mocha a few minutes later. "Why the hell does she have a mocha?" Kimberly asked with disgust in her voice. "Probably she's a freakin' fatty." We all started laughing what Niall said. "What?" "You're funny." Lexy said. The Mistress puts us in partners. I was partnered with Niall. "Oh, we have a leftover." She looked at Cheyenne. "This is your lucky day Cheyenne because you're working with me for the next 5-6 weeks." She groaned. "Now, start training!" The Mistress yells. An hour and a half later, Niall puts me down on the chair. "Thanks." I said."No problem." He sat next to me and starts playing with my hair. "Your hair is so red." "Your hair is so blonde." I said. "You know how we have to wear the ratty uniform?" "Yeah, why?" "Most people look awful in it." He stated. "But." He continues. "Certain people look good, or cute in the ratty uniform." He winked at me. I blushed a little. He rubbed arm and then my shoulders. He pulled the shirt down a little and pulled it up again. His hands went under my shirt and rubbed my stomach. I wondered how his hands would feel all over my body. He keeps his hands there. "How can you stand this work?" "First of all, us guys do so much work than you girls." "Oh really?" I asked with a smirk. "Yeah, then come and watch when you have a chance or the time." He smirked back. Was he asking me out on a 'date'? "Okay then." I buried my face in his hair. It smells so good. "What did you do with your hair?" He asked. "Washed it." He states simply. I started sniffing. Sounds weird, right? Anyway, he continues "talking" to me. "It looks like you're think about something exciting.'' He said, stroking my hair. "That's because I am Niall.'' I replied. He grabbed my arm and wrapped it around my neck. He suddenly bites my neck. He sucks on my skin. I moaned a little. He lets go abruptly. I groaned because he has stopped too soon. "I'm not going to finish because we don't know each other that well." He had a point. "Okay then." "Once we do know each other well, you know what it means Candy." He winked and kissed my lips and got up. He leaves me sitting. I turned really red. I turned around and saw Kimberly and Lexy grinning and snickering.

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