Bootcamp with my dream guy

Candy (Mary-Ann)'s parents didn't like her behavior and they sent her to boot camp. Candy has a new life there. In boot camp, she meets 3 new people (two girls and a boy). The guy she meets is familiar that she doesn't know exactly where she came form. He had something to tell her one day...


9. Complicated

Candy's POV

Did I just see that new girl smirk at Niall? I shouldn't be jealous, since we not even dating! But i'm getting envious. Kimberly came up to me. "Ugh, that girl is here. Cheyenne." She rolled her eyes. "What's wrong with her?" I asked. "That girl's a whore. We went to school together. She steals every boy I have gone out with." Kimberly snarled. "Yikes." I just said. Just then Cheyenne came up to us. "Hello." She said with no emotion. "Uh, hi." I said. "Get the hell outta here!" Kimberly screamed. "Have we met before?" Cheyenne asking a stupid question. "Uh, no we haven't. Bitch, get away from me, I'm leaving, goodbye." She ran away. "So you must be new here." I pointed out bluntly. "Yeah, the only new girl here." She giggled coyly. "Make that the only newbie here." She laughed at her own joke. Niall walked up to us. "Hey." Cheyenne twirled a piece of her hair. She started flirting. "Uh, hi?" Niall said it more like a question. "You look handsome when you sweat." She giggles coyly again. He didn't say anything anything. "Uh, thanks?" She slowly walked up to him. She discreetly pulled the front down to reveal herself. "Uh, listen Candy, I gotta go, okay?" He told me. "Okay." I said. He gently pushed Cheyenne and walked away. I looked at her. "What was that all about?" I asked innocently. "Listen bitch." She said out of nowhere. "You better not take the cute blonde boy away from me." "You don't even know him!" I screamed. "I don't give shit." She lowered her voice. "If I find that you're talking to him, hugging him, kissing him, or even making love, you'll regret what you did." "Um, we hardly see each other except lunch and the Circle." I pointed out. "Shut up." She said and stormed off. Wow, a newbie already trying to ruin my social life. I went back to our room and Kimberly was there, playing with a wad of spitball. "Kimberly!" I yelled. "You scared me." She sighed with relief. "What's the spitball for?" I asked. "I know exactly where Cheyenne's room is. When she's not paying attention, I spit it at her." Kimberly grinned. "You know you can get in big trouble for that." I said. "Oh my gosh. Okay, let's see. Uh, don't care." She said. "Where's Lexy?" I asked. "Somewhere outside." Kimberly answered vaguely. "Oh, okay. Have fun with the spitballs." "Thanks." Kimberly walked off. I just laid in bed, thinking about some stuff. I imagined Niall naked, on top of me, kissing my neck passionately. Licking in my insides. Going inside me hard, until I cry out...

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