Something Else<3

It's been a few years since she's seen her friends. Her three cute guy friends. When they come back into town will things be any different then they were back in school? Will feelings arise or have they always been there? Can the boys help her through the troubles that her family is putting her through? When the truth comes out who will be left standing? Read :)


2. Surprise!

Hazel's POV:

 I walked around the beach kicking the sand around beneath my feet. Lilly had disappeared into town earlier leaving me alone on the beach that was filled with couples. Again I found myself alone without someone to call my own. It made me quite sad actually. It seemed that almost every guy I have dated has either cheated or turned out to be a complete jerk. It seems that I don't have any luck when it comes to romance. I plopped down on the sand and stared off into the sunset. My mind was wandering around in my thoughts. Lilly likes to ditch me when she sees an attractive guy around town, normally they are the dudes who are just passing through, so naturally she sees if they are single. If they are single, she has sex with them. Sometimes even if they are in a relationship they have sex with her. It's quite depressing. She has really changed since high school. 

"Hazel!" I turned my head to see Lilly running towards me putting her hair up in a bun. 

"Please tell me you didn't just..." I began.

"Get done having sex? Well I did." She smirked and took a seat next to me. 

"Aren't you afraid you're gonna get an STD or pregnant?" I asked.

"No that won't happen to me. I make sure they wear condoms." She snorted as if I was some kind of kid asking a dumb question. I sighed shaking my head. She laid back in the sand and stared up at the sky with a dumb smile glued to her face. "He could have been the one." 

"Hm?" I looked at her weirdly. 

"If he wasn't just passing through, he said he would have made me his girl." She smiled. 

 They all say that though. None of them really mean a word of it. They just want easy sex and they think that if they say all these nice things to her she'll keep giving them what they want. I stood up and whipped the sand off my legs. 

"Where you going?" Lilly asked. 

"Home." I sighed. 

"Oh okay." She shrugged. 

 When I got home I took off my tank top revealing my bright blue and black sports bra. I turned the fan on and opened up some of the windows. I turned on the music channel before doing some yoga. After an hour I heard someone knocking on my door. I answered it to see a familiar face right before I was engulfed in a tight hug. When he let me go my mouth gasped open from shocked. 

"Wesley?" I muttered.

"Long Time no see Hazel." He smirked. "Looking great as always I see." 

I blushed realizing I didn't have a shirt on. He smiled walking inside and taking a seat on the couch. 

"What are doing back here?" I asked. 

"Taking a vacation." He chuckled.

"Just you?" 

"No Keaton and Drew are with me."

"Where are they?"

"At the hotel knocked out." He laughed. 

"Why don't you guys just stay with me?" I said walking to the kitchen.

"We couldn't be a burden.." He muttered.

"You guys could never be a burden." I smiled softly at him.

"Then when I head back I'll let them know." He smiled. 

"Good." I smiled. 

"So how's Lilly?" 

"Ugh..." I bite my lip. Wesley used to date Lilly, but when he was leaving she broke up with him. She didn't want to be tied down. "How's the boys?" I asked changing the subject. 

"Good. They both miss you." He smiled. "I should head back there, I'll see you later." 

I nodded and walked him to the door. He kissed my cheek then left. I hope he doesn't run into Lilly.

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