Something Else<3

It's been a few years since she's seen her friends. Her three cute guy friends. When they come back into town will things be any different then they were back in school? Will feelings arise or have they always been there? Can the boys help her through the troubles that her family is putting her through? When the truth comes out who will be left standing? Read :)


5. Him. Them. Us.

Hazel's POV:


"Michael!" I giggled reaching out for his hand. He took it with a smile on his face. We ran into the water splashing around. 

"Keep up!" He shouted running back to the sandy beach. 

"No fair!" I giggled as I ran after him. Then I found myself alone sitting in my room as the sunshine beamed inside. I stared at the note that he left on my pillow for me to find. Just moments after getting home from what seemed like a normal happy date with him.

  "Dear Haze, I think it'd be best for us to break up. The boys and I are leaving to start our music career, and I just can't have a girl holding me back. I hope you understand. Bye."

*Present day*

I sat on the swing in the back yard next to Drew as the boys talked about music and I thought about the past. None of them seemed to noticed that something was brewing in my head. I don't think they really would care. 

"So Hazel how have you been?" Ashton asked.

"Good." I lied.

"Have you missed us?" Calum winked playfully.

"Of course." I softly smiled.

"We missed you too!" Luke grinned.

"Don't get to eager now Luke." Ashton teased as he blushed.

"How are Wesley and Keaton?" Calum asked Drew.

"Good, they should be back soon.." He muttered.

"Oh are you three staying here?" Michael asked with a bit of bitterness in his voice.

"Yes she offered." Drew smirked.

"That's not fair.." Luke pouted. 

"You're welcomed to stay too Luke." I smiled softly at him.

"What?" They all dropped their mouths open. 

"I don't mind." I shrugged.

"Awesome!" Luke jumped onto my lap hugging me taking my breath away. I giggled hugging him back. Then the door opened up and the boys walked out. Keaton held a lily. I jumped up taking it from him with much delight. Then I noticed Wesley had a small teddy bear in his hands. 

"Who's that for?" I muttered.

"You." He smiled handing it to me. 

"Why are they here?" I heard Keaton whisper to Drew.

"Mia just invited them to stay also." Drew said slightly unpleased.

"What?" Wesley and Keaton said with much shock.

"Guys the more the funner!" I giggled walking inside. Maybe having all seven of them under my roof was a bad idea. I just couldn't say no to their sad pouts. They have they prettiest saddest puppy eyes ever! 

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