Something Else<3

It's been a few years since she's seen her friends. Her three cute guy friends. When they come back into town will things be any different then they were back in school? Will feelings arise or have they always been there? Can the boys help her through the troubles that her family is putting her through? When the truth comes out who will be left standing? Read :)


3. At The Bump Of Night.

Hazel's POV:

I made sure to put on a shirt to avoid any awkward stares. I actually put on one that Keaton gave me just before they left. I sat on the counter eating my weight in ice cream before I heard someone knocking at the door. 

"Coming." I yelled throwing the ice cream back into the freezer. I opened the door to see the three boys smiling at me. I stepped aside and allowed them inside. They set their bags against the wall before taking a seat on the couch. 

"I saw Lilly on the way back to the hotel. She was with some guy..." Wesley mumbled. 

"Oh?" I sat down nervously. 

"Why didn't you just say she had a boyfriend?" He looked at me with sad eyes.

"I don't know..." I mumbled.

"Anyway lets talk about something else!" Keaton said smiling at me. "How have you been Haz?"

"Been alright I suppose, how about you three?" I smiled softly. 

"Bored." Keaton said.

"Lonely." Drew said.

"Tired." Wesley said.

"Wow you guys really haven't changed have you?" I giggled walking to the kitchen. "Would you three like something to drink?" 

"Yes please!" They all said. I bent down in front of the fridge staring at the drinks. Then I felt someone touch my shoulder so I turned my head to see Keaton smiling at me.

"Is something wrong?" He asked.

"Uh no why?" I muttered. 

"I feel like there's something about Lilly that you aren't telling my brother. What is it?"

"Um..." I stared nervously at my feet. 

"Come on Haz you can tell me." He stared at me with his beautiful green eyes. 

"She's a whore." I muttered.

"A whore?" He questioned.

"She's been sleeping with guys who are just passing through town." I groaned.

"Isn't she worried about STDs or getting pregnant even?" 

"She says there's no way that could happen because she wears condoms." 

"Wow is she stupid?" 

"I don't even know." I sighed grabbing the soda. 

We walked back into the living room and I handed them some drinks. I sat down listening to them tell me about their tours. After awhile I fell asleep with my head on Drew's lap. I didn't even realize I was that tired. 

I dreamed of being a kid again. I wanted to be little again. I missed having my best friend around when I needed her. Now she's just around when there isn't a guy to fuck. I've been replaced like always. No one really cares if I'm here or if I just disappeared. I bet everyone would be better off if I was gone then they wouldn't have to worry about me anymore. 

"Hazel.." I felt someone shaking me. I flickered my eyes open to see Drew staring at me with curious eyes. It was dark in the room the only light was that of the flickering TV. "Why are you crying dear?" 

"I'm what?" I felt my wet cheeks with surprised eyes. 

"What were you dreaming about?" 

"Disappearing..." I buried my face in his chest. 

"Please don't disappear we just got you back.." He whispered in my ear before I fell back to sleep.

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