Its A Love Hate Typa Thing


2. Neighbors

After listening to Happy on the radio I popped in my Stevie Wonder CD and listened to it the rest of the way home. Gosh, that man is a genius. He's one of my biggest inspirations, even though I have zero musical talent, I just love his music.

After stopping to grab a bite to eat from Denny's on the way home from the airport, I finally arrived to my humble abode at 8:00 in the morning...blasting Stevie. Okay so I guess I'm a terrible neighbor, but hey, I had to wake up early to take my mom to the airport so they can wake up to.

As I pull up to my drive way, belting out 'Isn't She Lovely' by my main man Stevie, I noticed a big moving truck pulling into the house across the street. Wow someone's finally moving into Miss Jenson's old place.

Awww she was such a sweet old lady. She would make banana bread for my mother and I every Christmas and thanksgiving. Her husband a couple of years back and she just wasn't the same. Two years ago she began going a little loopy so her son put her in a nursing home. They've been trying to sell her house ever since but people just don't want to bye it for some reason.

I make a mental note to myself that I have to visit Miss Jenson sometime. After grabbing my food from the passenger seat I making my way to the front door until I hear terribly loud, obnoxious music. Geez I mean I know I might have an older and more antique style of music but that scream-o crap is just unbearable. Honestly who wants to listen to some guy scream his head off while someone is failing at attempting to play the bass? I will never understand.

As I turn around to find the source of the terrible music, I am met with a black range rover similar to mine whipping down the street and skidding to a halt in front of Miss Jenson's old place. Great noisy neighbors. Though I can't really complain I was kind of doing the same thing, but I have better taste in music so it's ok...Right?

As I squint in an attempt to make out the voice of the person with a terrible taste in music, aka my new neighbor, they role they're window down and I'm met with cold forest green orbs starring straight back at me. I jump at the sudden realization that he's starring right at me and drop my keys. I bend down to pick them up, never losing eye contact with the guy across the street.

His eyes are so enticing, they just reel you in making you want to learn and remember every detail of this boy. Suddenly a smirk begins to play across his lips and I realize that I've been pretty much ogling at him this whole time.

When he opens his door and steps out of the car, finally ending that horrible sound he calls music he leans up against his door, continuing to smirk and state right into my eyes.

I take this moment to really get a good look at him. My eyes, finally straying from those emerald orbs that were drawing me in, I look up to his curly mop of brown curls. They are messily pushed back in a wave like structure atop his head. Kind of in a 'yeah, it's messy but I meant to do it this way' type of look. Then my eyes travel down to his chest where he wears an all black v-neck t-shirt that hangs low enough for me to make out two tattoos just barely poking out of the top.

Eugh. Tattoos. So he's one of those types. I personally hate tattoos. What the point if once your old they look all gross and wrinkly anyways. Eww.

Anyways my eyes continue to examine him, noticing the way the muscles on his arm flex as he hold his arms behind is back, leaning on the car for support. His black jeans are torn in the knees and also look incredibly tight. I'm not sure his...uh...little friend, can breath in there. Then finally accenting his look are some brown, strange looking boots.

"Did you lose something over here?" A deep, raspy British accent brings me out of my daze.

I shake my head to rid myself of the thoughts of how tight his jeans look. I feel a slight blush begin to creep into my cheeks, though I doubt it'll show too much against my Carmel skin.

"Uh...I was, um..." Crap what do I say? I was totally just checking you out though I didn't really mean to? "Why do you play your noise so loud?" Hopefully this works and I can change the subject.

He lets loose a deep chuckle. "You mean my music? I dunno, I like it that way. Gotta problem with that?"

Uh rude much? All I asked was a question.

All the while he talks, he has this cocky smirk playing at his plump red lips.

Wait. Wuah?

"Uh no. I was just wondering because I for one don't like to be woken up by that shit you call music, and I doubt anyone else does."

As soon as the words leave my mouth I snap it shut. I can't believe I just said that. I am definitely not one for cursing, especially not to strangers. He was just so rude and all I did was ask a simple question.

I can see his jaw clench from here. His already prominent jaw line becomes even more rigid through his skin. But it is soon replaced with that same smirk and a flash of amusement passes through his eyes.

"Why don't you come help me turn it off then, baby girl." He rasps. A cocky smirk on full display.

Uh excuse me? Is he really trying to hit in me? I can feel more heat rise to my cheeks as I process his bold statement. My eyes widen and I quickly turn on my heels, making my way inside the house. As I am about to slam the door I hear another deep chicle sound from across the street.

I slam the door, then peep through the small window to see him starring straight at me. I just back in surprise and back away from the window. After taking a second to catch my breath, I peek out again to see him making his way to his new home.

I turn around and put my back against the door, letting out a long sigh. What the heck is wrong with that guy. He's so not even my type, I mean come on. He has tattoos and wears jeans with hikes in them.

Not a chance.

But he was probably just messing with me anyways, no guys are attracted to me. Kidding or not, that guy gives me a bad feeling.

Note to self: stay away from creepy neighbor with really nice eyes.

P.s. No more commenting on his eyes


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