Its A Love Hate Typa Thing


1. Lonely Summer

Muah muah muah

"Oh I'm going to miss you sooo much dear!!" My mother screeched in my ear while planting sloppy kisses all over my face.

I grimaced, attempting to force a smile, as she grabbed my shoulders and pulled me in for another of her bone crushing hugs.

"Yeah...I'm uh gonna miss you too mom." I attempted to say while she continues to squeeze me.


She smacked her lips onto my cheek once more.

"Mom it's just for the summer," I groaned, "you will be back soon, and you'll probably call me everyday. Look, you deserve this get away, so go have fun. Enjoy yourself!" I pleaded.

It's not that I wanted her to leave me home alone, for the whole summer, while she got to go all throughout Europe, did I mention it's for THE WHOLE SUMMER!! I mean I've never really been out of the state but I've always wanted to go to Europe, and now we get the opportunity and I can't even go. So lame.

Anyways, it's not that I want her to go and leave me alone but I hate to watch my mom cry, and quite frankly I'm not a very lovey dovey type of person so all of this touching and kissing and hugging thats going on, noooot really my thing.

"I still wish I can take you with me..." Her eyes beginning to water and her voice cracking at the end of her sentence.

"Mom I'm 18, I think I can handle myself here." I attempt to erasure her. She gave me along look then attacked me with one of her hugs again.

"Come on mom. Your gonna miss your flight." I pleaded for her to let go of me.

"Oh alright. I'm going to miss you though." She finally pulled away. "There's food just about everywhere in the kitchen, and I'll stick up your card every couple of weeks." She rambled as she kissed me one last time.

Ugh, I don't think I can take much more of this.

"You can have friends over, or whatever," I rolled my eyes as she said this, "it's summer, have fun live a little. Make some frie--"

Here we go again, "I have friends mom." I said while rolling my eyes.

"I'm just can never have enough friends. You need to--"

"Break out of my shell. Be more outgoing and adventurous. Let people in. I know mom." It's the same speech every time. I'm very outgoing, just not a lot of people get to see that side of me.

"Alright, alright. Well have fun this summer, throw a party or something," I scoffed at this.

"Everyone for the 7:30 flight to Spain, please make your way to terminal seven." A scratchy voice called over the intercom. My mom and I both looked up as if we would see the source of the voice on the ceiling.

"Alright, that's me." She said squeezing me one last time. "I'll call as soon as I can. Please consider what I said about new friends." She asked while pulling away.

"Ok mom. Now go, don't want to miss your flight." I shooed her away.

She began walking backwards, waving to me in the process.

"Goodbye Sutton, I love you!!" She called back while blowing me a kiss.

My chest tightened at her words. I know she didn't expect me to say them back, but just hearing them made my stomach churn.

"Bye mom." I waved her off. I turned away once I saw her disappear into the crowd. I began to make my way back to the parking lot, thinking to myself.

Why did she have to say it. She just had to throw that in there. I know she didn't expect me to say it back, but her saying it makes me feel guilty. I can't even tell my own mother I love her. The whole concept of love was just ruined for me after seeing what my mom and father went through. Sure he's my father, but he's nothing but a sperm doner to me anymore. He will never earn the title of dad from me. But that's a tale for another time.

I click the horn button on my keys, locating my car. Wow I got her rather quickly. I guess it's because I didn't have to carry all of my moms luggage this that woman knows how to pack, and not lightly either.

I hop into my black range rover and sit in the drivers seat for a minute before starting the car. I shake myself form the dreaded thoughts of my father, then put the key in the ignition.

"Summer, here I come." I say monotonously, then with a turn of the key, I bring the car to life.

Happy by Pharell begins to play throughout the car. I smile to myself, just what I needed. I turn the volume up, blasting the song so loud I was beginning to relieve weird looks from people in the parking lot.

"It might seem crazy what I'm 'bout to say!!" I scream along with Pharell before pulling out of the airport.

This summer will be good for me, I can feel it.


So here's the first chap. This is my first story, so I apologize for not being very good at this yet. The story is still attempting to develop in my mind so updates may be little irregular but bear with me.

Let me know what ya think. See ya soon lovelies.


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