What happens when a normal teenage girl is stuck in her house due to a snow storm with the so called bad boy of her school? Well Megan Nicole is stuck with a unfinished Science Project and an ass for a science partner, while a wild snow storm goes on outside stopping anyone for leaving.


1. Chapter 1.

I fluttered my eyes open to the sound of my alarm going off. I extend my arm from under my warm blanket and tapped the snooze button. I sat up from my comfortable bed and stretched my legs, arms, and made a yawn.

I heard a light knock on my door, "Come in."I retrieved the words. My door opens with a creak and reveals my mom from the door way.

"I bought Starbucks, its down stairs."she said.

I smile, "Thank you mother."I said.

Before she walks out of the room closing the door swiftly behind her. Easing up out of my bed, I head to the bathroom to getting ready for this school day.

Finally deciding on my favorite floral top and white skinny jeans I head out of my room caring my ugg boots in one hand while holding my phone in the other.

"Yours is on the table" my mother says walking past me and up the stairs.

I walk into the kitchen to see my Carmel frappe sitting on the table. I grab it, sipping it lightly as I slip in my uggs and grabbed my black coat with fake fur on the hood. I slowly put it on.

Officially dressed I walk out of the kitchen and into the living room.

"No time to waste, you have school and I have work come on." she trebly says before walking out of the door.

I groan as I slip my phone in my back pocket and grab my bag before walking out of the house. 
Reaching the car I set my stuff in the back and slide in the front passenger side as my mother starts the car.

Instead of my mother turning on the heat, I decided to. I reached my arm out of my coat pocket and turned on the heat.

As my mom drives towards the school I happily finishing my beverage as she pulls up to the front of the building.

"Have a good day." she says cheerly as I open the door and climb out. I open the back door to retrieve my bag. I closed yhe door as my mom gives me one last smile.

Waving her off i turn to see my best friend Maddie standing by the main entrance if the school. She stays focused on her phone, probably texting her boyfriend.

"Maddie." I mutter from behind her.

"Dammit Megan don't scare me like that." she says holding her hand in her chest.

I can't help but laugh at her as she stands there frightened. My laughter dies down at the sound of a loud car coming into the school parking lot. Keeping my eyes on the car I only have one guess who it is.

Harry Styles.

His car speeds in, sharply turning into the nearest parking spot. I roll my eyes knowing he is only acting that way for attention. He slowly gets out of his car wearing his original attire, black shirt and black skinny jeans with his boots.

Making sure to wear shirts that show off that tattoos that are inked on his skin.  He cooky attitude is aggravating as well as his snappy remarks.

"Megan, Harry is starring at you" Maddie gasps, I look up to meet his gaze but forcefully roll my eyes not giving an fucks if he is starring my way.

Hearing the girls whisper as he makes his way towards the school and all his friends following closely behind him.

His click is full of asses and he is the ring leader.

"He acts like he owns this place." Maddie mutters to  herself as he walks past us.

He winks my way before passing me and heading into the school.

Not remembering that the bell rang, Maddie grabs my arm as we walk in to our first period class.


I sat in my regular seat next to Maddie. Mr. Philips start lecturing the class about war world two as I disappear in my own thoughts while I looking out the window. I spot Harry's range rover in the parking lot. I began to remember the way looked at me, also winked at me. It was strange, he has never payed an ounce of attention towards me or anyone in that matter. The only people he associates himself with his click and his slutty ex girlfriend. What was he thinking? Does he like me or something, I can't handle his cocky attitude and the way he thinks every girl wants him. It infuriates me.

"Megan?"I heard a voice, I shook my head out of my thoughts and turn my head towards the front. Mr. Philips and the students were looking at me.

"Answer the question."he said.

"Um, Jefferson?"I said.

Everyone laugh, and the bell dismissed the class so I head to my math class.


It was finally close to lunch, I was excited since its pizza day. I have been craving pizza since yesterday. I look down at math test and looks like I have one more problem and then I'm done.

Uh, I tap my pencil on the desk to think of the answer in my head. I looked at the clock and it reads 11:30pm. I sighed to myself.

"Megan Nicole, are you finished?"Mrs. Willis asked me.

I look at her, and nod my head. I circle a random letter for lunch, I gave her my test and walked back to my seat and retrieve my bag and head out of the room.

I met Maddie at my locker, again she is on her phone. "So who are you texting?"I asked

"My mom."she said.

I nod and dialed my combination in to the lock and opened my locker. I shove my books in and closed my locker.

"Ready?"I said.

She nods and we both walk to lunch together.

Maddie and I walked to the increasing lunch line, I grabbed a tray and followed the girl in front of me as she grabbed what she wanted. I decided on a slice of pizza, apple, salad and milk. After grabbing everything I wanted to eat I headed to find a seat. Noticing Maddie wasn't beside I stopped and turned around to see if I could find her anywhere.

"God dammit!" A deep males voice says as a loud cling noise makes as my tray falls to the floor.

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