Sacrifices Must Be Made

Breathe in. Breathe out.

I am Katniss Everdeen. I come from District 12. I survived the Hunger Games. Then I escaped.

The Capitol wanted me dead. So now, there is no more District 12. But they said that about District 13, and boy were they wrong.

There was a revolution, and I was their centerpiece. They used me to get back at the Capitol. We destroyed the Capitol and then I destroyed our leader, Coin.

As you can see, I have quite a story. But there's more. So much more.


9. Seeing Her Again

Gale POV

I woke up to the sound of banging on my door. "Hang on a second!" I yelled. I started towards my closet but then the banging started again so I went to the door in only my sweatpants. "Hello?" I said as I opened the door. I couldn't believe it. I had spent so much time trying to forget her but there was always a piece of my heart that was dedicated to her. Katniss stood there, with who I assumed to be her children, and I saw her eyes glance at my bare chest a few times. I couldn't help but smile. I couldn't fathom why she was here, as she had Peeta now, and even though I was trying to get her out of my life, part of me had missed her so much.

"Long time no see." I said.

"Yeah, can I come in?" She asked.

"Sure." I let them inside and couldn't help but ask, "Where's Peeta?" I heard her take in a breath and then looked at her kids and then back at me. I bent down by her kids and smiled. I had never thought myself a children person, but they were so precious. "Hey there. I'm a friend of your mommy. I'm Gale. Why don't you come with me and play with some toys." I brought them to another room where they could be entertained and went back to Katniss.

"He's dead. And so is my mother. There's no one left for me there." I stared at the floor and whispered,

"I'm sorry."

"Just pretend I never said anything. How have you been-" She was cut off by the sight of Christine, or Chris as I call her, walk over to me and wrap her arms around me. She was in only her underwear and T-shirt when she realized Katniss on the couch. "Oops, sorry. I didn't know we were having guests." She went back into the bedroom and came out a couple minutes later wearing jeans and her hair was combed. She threw me a shirt which I slipped over my head. I could see a twinge of jealousy in Katniss's eyes.

I would always love Katniss, but I was starting to move on. Chris was my new start and she was a beautiful one. She had dirty blonde hair with blue eyes that made me melt inside. I loved her, I really did. "I'm  Christine. You must be Katniss. You became a huge celebrity everywhere, with the Hunger Games, the rebellion, and all that. It's nice to meet you in person," She held out her hand to Katniss who shook it.

"How are you related to Gale?" Katniss asked.

"He's my boyfriend." She moved closer to me, trying to show that I was taken. We had been dating for a little over a year and she was everything to me. Then the kids came running into the living room and Chris realized the situation. "So these are your children? They're beautiful!" She was much more lively now. "Yes, I hoped to ask you if we could stay here for a while?" Katniss asked. This was a big question and I shared a look with Chris. Her eyes told me to say no, as much as she wanted to help. I turned to Katniss and saw the pleading look in her eyes and sighed, "Sure, why not?" Only when I said that, I had no idea what was coming.

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