Sacrifices Must Be Made

Breathe in. Breathe out.

I am Katniss Everdeen. I come from District 12. I survived the Hunger Games. Then I escaped.

The Capitol wanted me dead. So now, there is no more District 12. But they said that about District 13, and boy were they wrong.

There was a revolution, and I was their centerpiece. They used me to get back at the Capitol. We destroyed the Capitol and then I destroyed our leader, Coin.

As you can see, I have quite a story. But there's more. So much more.


5. Dying Breath

Peeta POV

Dying was sweeter than I thought, but I guess that all depends on how it happens. For me, it was short and painless. I felt the sharp pain at the back of my skull and then the blood started to drip. I dropped to the ground. I could feel the warmth draining from my body and the color leaving my face.

 But I wasn't ready to go. I wanted to see my kids grow up. I wanted to live a normal life. I wanted to be an old man sitting next to Katniss and remembering everything that we went through. I'm not ready yet. But still, I already saw the blue sky fading. At least Katniss was there holding my hand. Tears were streaming down her face and she was screaming my name, but we both new I wouldn't make it. "You'll be okay, Peeta." She kept repeating. Then, I smiled.

"A whole song for Rue but all that your wonderful husband gets is 'you'll be okay'? You've gotta be kidding me." We shared a laugh. Then, her voice starts to sing the notes to the same song she sang for Rue. She has no idea how beautiful her voice is. "Say hello to them for me." She said after she was part way through the song. "I will." She started looking around her, checking for Coin, I assume. After that, everything went blank.

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