Sacrifices Must Be Made

Breathe in. Breathe out.

I am Katniss Everdeen. I come from District 12. I survived the Hunger Games. Then I escaped.

The Capitol wanted me dead. So now, there is no more District 12. But they said that about District 13, and boy were they wrong.

There was a revolution, and I was their centerpiece. They used me to get back at the Capitol. We destroyed the Capitol and then I destroyed our leader, Coin.

As you can see, I have quite a story. But there's more. So much more.


7. Breaking the News

Katniss POV

I picked up Rye and carried him bridal style. Willow walked by my side until we reached our apartment. I had to be strong for the children. I blinked back tears and set Rye down gently on his bed that he shared with Willow. It was already late so after I tucked Willow in, I went to my bed and was out as soon as I hit the pillow.

I woke up the next morning at around 5:00 am but couldn't fall back asleep. I ate some breakfast and attempted to watch TV. I still had so many emotions welled up inside of me and I needed to get them out in the only way I knew how. I grabbed my bag and set out for the woods.

We didn't need to go hunting anymore, which was a relief. However, it still gave me pleasure to venture silently in the woods and practice. I crossed under the fence  and retrieved my bow and quiver which I still kept in a log outside the fence.

I loaded my bow with an arrow and raised it to my face so that my eye could see the arrow's trajectory. I breathed in and let the arrow fly. I didn't exhale until it hit the deer in the eye. I went to the deer, retrieved my arrow and hauled the deer's carcass over my body. I remembered that before it was rare to find good deer in these woods, and when you did, you couldn't kill it because there was no way to get it back without peace keepers finding out.

After I had let off a little steam, I went back to the house. It was around 8 o'clock when I returned home. I went back to my bed and fell fast asleep.

I woke up again at 9 and this time, Willow and Rye were awake watching TV. The serum on Rye must have worn off. I went looking for Peeta, but then the weight of what happened yesterday fell on my shoulders and crushed me. Tears flooded my eyes and I tried to keep them back. I decided to go to my mother's house to tell her the news. I grabbed my bag and left for her house.

Her door was unlocked when I got there. I went inside and left my stuff by the door. "Katniss. It's so good to see you! Where are the kids? Where's Peeta?" she asked.

"I left the kids at home. And as for Peeta, well that's why I came. He's dead." I finally let all of my tears spill and I cried like a 2 year old until my throat was raw and there were no more tears left to cry. "Katniss, what happened?" I told her everything. About going out for Willow's birthday, about Coin returning and about how she murdered Peeta. My mom just sat there in silence taking in the new. "Katniss, you know it's not safe her anymore. We have to go." My mother's voice was more serious than I had ever heard. She left in a hurry to pack her bags but I couldn't bring myself to leave just yet. I needed my mom's warm embrace.

"Mom, can you come her for a second?" There wasn't a response, "Mom? Where are you?" I walked to her bedroom to find her lying in a pool of blood. I let out a shriek and picked up the letter next to her body.

Dear Katniss,

I hope you enjoyed my little present. If you're smart enough, you should realize what is to come.


I knew what was happening. She was going to make me pay, then once I was out of the picture, gain back her control, one way or another. She was going to kill everyone I loved and make me suffer. I raced out of the bedroom and back to my house.

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