Denying the Truth (Rocky Lynch Fan-Fiction)

Ivy and Rocky are meant for each other. Their love, no matter how undeniably strong, is destiny. Both are corrupted by law and loss, one an innocent orphan and the other a lying mummy's boy. But will it be a happy every after for these 2 fugitives?


1. Full fan-fic

The fire had destroyed everything. As Ivy walked into her house an itching tingle went it down her spine. Each step made her grow stronger with rage, but weaker with sadness. Her home had been destroyed again, maybe even by the same people. Her family had been re-destroyed. Ivy felt the hole in her heart grow suddenly bigger. All of a sudden the house went back up in flames, a dark figure stood in the middle of the fire. It was smiling.

         Ivy screamed and suddenly sat up. She slowly opened her eyes, she was glad that that had just been a dream. Ivy shook her whole body and slowly got out of bed. She sleepily waddled over to her rotting wardrobe, while she brushed her hair with one hand. Ivy put the brush onto the draw, she was about to open the wardrobe when the window crashed in. a rock landed heavily on the dying wooden floor. Shortly after Louis, the head of London’s police, jumped into the room through the window. “Sorry we didn’t give you time to get dressed but you can do plenty of that when you’re behind bars.” Louis snarled. “You can’t take me to jail for something I didn’t do, Louis.” Ivy growled back as she backed up, towards the door. “You’re right I can’t, but Ivy, dearest Ivy, you did commit the murder. You can’t deny it; your fingerprints were all over the weapon.” Louis said as he slowly moved forward. Louis’ eyes were sparkling with joy; he’d been chasing Ivy for years, even though she was innocent. As he slowly walked forward Ivy turned the smooth knob of the door. “Louis, I must admit I thought you’d never find me here. I wanted to be a free member of the public, a normal girl living in the year 2021, but no, thanks to you. So I warn you, don’t stay in the dark for too long because you might never come out again.” Ivy said as she grabbed her bow and arrow. She waved a quick goodbye to Louis, before opening the door and vanishing round the corner. She ran down the abandoned building’s stairs down to the street. She could hear Louis and his men racing down the creepy stairs after her. Ivy loved the thrill of the chase. She was always confident that she would beat Louis.

          Ivy burst through the door of the abandoned warehouse and sprinted out onto the street. She bravely risked a sneaky peek round her shoulder, Louis and his dumbos were getting closer. Ivy thought fast and whirled into a nearby alley way. The alley way was dark and smelt of old beer, the kind Ivy‘s passed parents used to drink. Stupidly, Louis and his boys ran straight past the alley way. “They’re getting faster.” Ivy breathed heavily. Ivy stood there in the alley way, in her pyjamas, thinking “I’ll have to leave the city. But where would I go?”  

“You know you could hear that scream from all the way across town.” An unfamiliar voice said from behind Ivy. She jumped and automatically reached for her and an arrow. “Who are you? Do you work for Louis?” Ivy questioned. The voice was a young boy roughly around the same age as Ivy, he had long shaggy hair, and it was brown. He was wearing a plain green T shirt with dark blue jeans. Ivy held her bow and arrow up to his chest. She was about to shoot, when she saw his eyes. They were a sea blue with a small hint of green, they really sparkled. Ivy lowered her bow. “I’m Rocky Lynch. I come in peace.” He joked. “Who are you?

“I’m Ivy.” Ivy smiled.

“It’s nice to meet you Ivy. Now I know we’ve just met, but would you like to have dinner with me?” Rocky asked as he walked past Ivy and onto the street. “Come on.” He said.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t go out on the streets, I’m a fugitive.” Ivy said as she backed further into the alley way. “What a coincidence! So am I, but don’t tell anyone.” Rocky whispered as he stepped slowly back into the alley way. “Is he real?” Ivy thought to herself.

“Hello? Day-dreamer, wake up!” Rocky waved his hand in front of Ivy’s face.

“Sorry, but I have to go.” Ivy said as she pushed past Rocky and stumbled onto the street. “Are you ok?” Rocky asked concerningly as he put his perfect hand on Ivy’s shoulder. “I’m just fine.” Ivy spoke angrily as she shook Rocky’s hand off her shoulder. Rocky sighed and said “Ivy come with me your leg’s bleeding.” Ivy felt her leg and bent down. Her leg was bleeding; she must have caught it on her arrows when she was running. “Come with me, I know where to go, where Louis won’t find us.” Rocky smiled. He held out his hand to Ivy. She hesitated, but took his hand. It felt warm and soft. Rocky smiled again showing his white shiny teeth. For a moment the whole world seemed to stop around them. Ivy was lost in Rocky’s eyes, they were beautiful. Rocky was looking at Ivy’s golden blonde hair, her pink rabbit pyjamas and her sparkling green eyes. Rocky and Ivy felt the same feeling, one that neither of them had felt before. Love.

      Rocky and Ivy had been walking down and through the alley ways of London for an age. Ivy had started to get tired. “Ivy?” Rocky pestered.

“Yes Rocky?” Ivy answered.

“Why is Louis after you?” Rocky said as he jumped over a massive bin and helped Ivy over it. They then continued walking down yet another alley way. “Well, when I was 12 I was accused of murdering a man called David Hough. I’d never even met the guy, but they still came round to my house and arrested me. I felt guilty even though I hadn’t anything.” Ivy sighed. “On my way to the court room to be tried, I ran away, I’ve been running ever since.” Rocky felt guilty, because he was the one who had murdered David. “Why are you on the run?” Ivy asked while stepping over yet another bin. “Well, I’m a suspect of a murder. I sort of tried to frame the other suspect.” Rocky blurted out. Ivy stopped walking; she turned round to look at Rocky. “You what? You’re guilty?” Ivy asked.

“Yes, sorry I didn’t tell you.” Rocky answered as he backed up from Ivy’s angered face. She was going red. “Sorry? Sorry?” She yelled furiously. “You don’t have any idea how important that information would have been! I was framed by someone like you!” Ivy was really angry now. She brought out an arrow and took out her bow. She put them together and pointed the weapon at Rocky.

      After a few moments of Rocky standing still with his hands up in the air while Ivy pointed her wooden bow and arrow at his head, Rocky said “I guess this wouldn’t be the best time to mention that I was the murderer of David Hough…” Rocky squinted his eyes shut and said so quietly that Ivy could not even hear him “I love you.” Ivy smiled, lowered the bow and cried. She fell to her knees; meanwhile the whole alley way seemed to get darker. Rocky let his hands fall to his sides. He waited a few short moments before sadly running over to Ivy; he had tears in his eyes too. “Ivy I’m so sorry, please forgive me.” Rocky pleaded, but it was too late Ivy had already got up and ran off onto the empty street. Rocky thought of following her, but he knew that Ivy would never forgive him, no matter how much she loved him.

           After a few days of sulking in a dustbin, Ivy snuck up to a nearby window of one of the houses on the street. She looked in to see an empty room with just a turned on TV and an old green couch (able to seat about three). The carpet was a mouldy yellow; it went well with the brown dusty walls. On the TV was the news channel, just the channel Ivy wanted to watch. Chris, the weather man, said that a big storm was on its way and that it was the queen’s birthday on Sunday (4 days away). Then Chris went on about the war in Poland for a bit. Ivy was about to walk away when she heard Rocky’s name. Chris had said “19 year old Rocky Lynch confessed to the court of David Hough. Rocky said ‘I am the murderer of David Hough. I am sorry for hiding from the truth all these years, but I am here now, that’s what matters.’ But the question we all want to know the answer to is this, why did it take so long for him to confess?” The whole alley way went quiet and dark. Every smell disappeared and with it the wildness of the 21st century London. Ivy didn’t know what to do anymore, her world had been with her but she’d thrown it away and now it had given itself up for her. No matter how much Ivy didn’t want to admit it, she’d loved Rocky.

      After hours of sitting and sulking on a bin, Ivy knew what to do. She slowly got up letting the light pour back into the alley way, along with the sound. She bravely walked out on to the street, she was breathing heavily. She took one more deep breathe and ran down the nearest pavement. She dodged people on the street and ran straight past the buzzing shops. She knew exactly where she was going she was going.

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