New movella


1. introducing me!!!

Hi u guys, from outher space.

I thought u all (at the moment one) should know a little more about me, before i begin too tell you about my so called "life"

First of all my name is not really Robin, but as that i'm riding in english i thought i should give you the english version of my name.

My friends Call me neither of the names they actually Call me nothing even familialure ( i've got no idea if i spelled that right) with the Two names.

They Call me an insane lesbian monkey (i'll exsplain that to you all later) and some Call me salmon, one of Them, Asta, calls me her frozen german salmon ( i'm not german) but so she calls me.

But Back to the insane lesbian monkey-thing, i'm pretty sure the insane part is some kind of allusion too the fackt that i'm kinda weird, hyper and not all right in my head.

Bit that doesnt really madder!!!

See u later

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