The Bad Girl and The Good Boy

She is the bad girl.
Mean. Sarcastic. Tattoos. Piercings. Ripped jeans. Bad grades. Disruptive.
That's how one would describe Annalisa Evans.
He is the good boy.
Quiet. Used. Walked over. Four eyes. Smart. Good grades. Tacky sweaters.
That's how one would describe Kade Mathis.
What if, this wasn’t the case. What if, that were a cover up. What if, the bad girl isn’t actually the bad girl. What if, the good boy, isn’t actually the good boy. But if that were true, then who does the senior grade really know.


1. ~*~Prologue~*~

* Annalisa Evans *

"Miss. Evans you need a tutor, at this rate you won't graduate and will have to repeat your senior years."

There they were, those dreaded words, all twenty of them. I lean forward in my seat watching Principal Duran stiffen as I move, it was good to have a teacher scared of you but a principal was usually a lot harder, it probably had something to do with me setting her car on fire in freshman year, by accident of course. I rest my arms on my knees as I let her words sink it, I'd had it coming for me for years, missing all that school, but I didn't care for school, what was the point, I didn't have a way out of this town, I wouldn't be going to college or anything like that.

But a tutor? No. No way. No way in hell was I going to sit down and be reasonable and accept help from a nerd. Never, and of course I voiced those thoughts. "I'm good Duran. I don't need a ner-tutor." I correct as her eyes narrowed at me, something told me she used to be a little nerd, "I'll be fine."

Principal Duran takes in a deep breath, almost as if trying to calm herself or make herself seem not so frightened, it wasn’t really working. “Miss. Evans if you don’t get one, then I have to expel you, you’d be the only senior not graduating.”

I tossed up all the possibilities in my head, if I just left now then bye bye school, never see you again, but I can’t even think to imagine dad’s face if he found out I wouldn’t be graduating.

“Fine. I’ll do it, I’ll take the damn tutoring.”             

* Kade Mathis *

“Mr. Mathis, to the principal’s office now.”

I try not to let my jaw visibly drop, they were five words that weren’t ever, ever, made to go with my name. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me as I quickly pack up my stuff, Mrs. Bartemalo watching me confused, confused as to why I was being summoned. She was confused? I was confused.

I slowly walk down the corridors, pushing my black rimmed rectangle glasses up my nose to stop them from falling off. Why could I be getting sent to Principal Duran’s office, I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary recently, or ever.

I hesitantly walk up to the front administration desk, “Miss. Smith.” I question, my voice going up an octave, I cough trying to calm myself. “Principal Duran wants to see me?”

The green eyed lady looks up at me, stopping the tapping she’d been doing with her pen against the table, “Name?” She asks bored.

That’s how it was, “Kade Mathis.” I was invisible, how I liked it, get good grades and stay in school and out of trouble. She waved me through and I walked to Principal Duran’s office, the last time I was in here was when I was new as a sophomore, now as a senior, I’d preferred to have stayed away from here for my entire senior year. Yet here I was.

“Mr. Mathis, thank you for coming.” Principal Duran trains her brown eyes on me, “This is Annalisa Evans, a fellow senior, I need you to tutor her in most of her subjects.” My eyes flash to the girl leaning against the wall, her dirty scuffed black converse, ripped black skinny jeans and a white tank. Her blonde hair just falling down her back and over her shoulders, tattoos scattered up and down her arms in intricate designs. “Get the job done Mr. Mathis, make sure Miss. Evans doesn’t flunk out.”


Annalisa’s cold blue eyes turn to me, giving me a once over, looking at me disapprovingly. Fantastic, now  I was a tutor, for someone who probably couldn’t give a damn.

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