Push: The Rise

For this aspiring wrestler, his hardest bouts came mainly from outside the ring than in it. Battling with adversity, will he overcome the odds or be down for the count?


3. The Jobber

My name is Jonathan Reed, better known as Johnny Storm to the twenty fans in attendance of my old high school, and I'm now twenty-five years old. I'm doing what I love to do but certainly not with the company I expected to do it for, or making nearly enough money to provide for my six year old daughter and two year old son. I'm currently wrestling for a small independent promotion and it's considered a good pay day if I get to bring home thirty dollars for my family. Many nights spent throwing my body around to only rake in fifteen bucks. In professional wrestling, the jobber was the butt of the jokes. Only used just to come out and lose. Here I am, the jobber of a promotion that wasn't even known out of the state of Arizona. Actually, probably even out of the city of Scottsdale. All the other guys on the roster have these huge bodybuilding physiques, while me and my best friend Joey look like average guys. However, no matter the odds that are stacked against me, I'm determined to make it to the pros. I'm a "never say die" kind of guy and I implemented that into my character. Even if I knew that I'm booked to lose for the entire next month, that doesn't hinder who I am or what I strive for. Some of the other guys had these cool gimmicks (depending on who you ask).


Bill is this charming outlaw that the very few ladies who do attend just can't seem to get enough of. Nick wears black and white face paint and different colored contacts each night. Chico plays the role of a Luchador while his manager, Wes, tries to draw heat from the crowd saying that the Lucha Libre wrestling style is superior to American wrestling. By the way, Wes is pure American from New York City.  The only reason he could pass for looking slightly Mexican is the way his mustache grows and the fact he wears a sombrero every time he accompanies Chico to the ring. Also how he suddenly changed his ring name to Rico after suffering an injury, unable to compete and the owner proposed the idea to him to be Chico's manager. Can't say I wouldn't do the same though. You do have to make whatever money you can in thus business. As for me, my character is just a wrestler that wears tights and calls himself Johnny Storm. The guys used to poke fun at me for my lack of a gimmick until I told them I actually like it better this way. This way, I could have a better connection to the crowd because they could relate to me better than someone with supernatural abilities or anything like that. Now I just have to start getting some wins under my belt.

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