Push: The Rise

For this aspiring wrestler, his hardest bouts came mainly from outside the ring than in it. Battling with adversity, will he overcome the odds or be down for the count?


1. Terminology

Jobber: A wrestler whose purpose is to make their opponent look dominant, of course, making themselves look weak in the process, and then to ultimately lose the match. 

Squasher: Generally the opponent of the jobber, the dominating force, used to pick up easy wins without barely breaking a sweat. 

Face: The good guy. The hero.  The wrestler that receives massive cheers and chants from the audience.

Heel: The bad guy. The villain. The wrestler who'll try to win by any means necessary, using dirty tactics. 

Tweener: In other words, an (inbetweener), neither a face or heel. This wrestler can use heel tactics and still receive a crowd reaction like a face. 

Turn: When a wrestler switches from face to heel or vice versa, heel to face.

Screwjob: An abrupt and controversial ending to a match, usually involving outside interference or cheating.

Kayfabe: Staged events that are to be portrayed as "true" or "real." 

Heat: A negative reaction toward a wrestler.

Gimmick: A wrestler's persona.

Last but not least,

Push: Increase in popularity by positive exposure and gaining clean wins.

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