Push: The Rise

For this aspiring wrestler, his hardest bouts came mainly from outside the ring than in it. Battling with adversity, will he overcome the odds or be down for the count?


2. Prologue: The Dreamer

As children, most of us watched professional wrestling and thought to ourselves "I want to do this when I get older." In elementary school, most students came into career day with their mind set on being astronauts, doctors, and football players. Then there's that one boy when asked what he wants to be when he grows up that responds, "a wrestler." Suddenly, the classroom is filled with excitement. Kids talk and yell over one another trying to get their point across that they changed their minds and that they want to become wrestlers as well. As the years pass, so does that dream for many of those students that changed their minds. Now they view it as fake and scripted and just plain childish.  Except for the young boy that first announced that he wanted to become one. Never letting his dream deteriorate, instead it becomes even stronger. Now knowing that it is indeed scripted, it doesn't lure him away, instead, it draws him towards it even more. 

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