All These Little Things

"Never been on the outside, looking in on your own life have you?"

It never really kicked in until now. All those days as a little girl, playing games where she was both characters

Isabella had never seen herself as being alone, until, he showed her what she'd been missing


1. Chapter 1

"I'm back!"

"Oh great..." I laughed sarcastically, turning round on the warm sofa and leaning over the back, watching my older brother Louis attempt to close the door while holding countless bags of shopping.

"I said dinner, not a feast Lou!" I said in utter shock, my hazel eyes widened as Lou threw the bags filled with pizza, garlic bread, pasta salads etc onto the marble island in the kitchen. This was our classic lazy day meal, when neither of us wanted to cook, but he'd bought enough for our entire family!

I stood up on the sofa, hands on hips while he laughed, taking them out of the bags.

"Well, since we're going back tomorrow I thought you'd want something a bit more, us. Oh and I rented films!" He said, pulling out the Hunger Games, Catching Fire...Oh and The Conjuring from the mountain of shopping. I jumped over the sofa and tackled him into a bear hug.

"So you can be a good brother!" I teased, snuggling into his black V-Neck. He chuckled.

"I try." He said, peeling me off of him and taking out the large pizza's and slotting them into the oven shelf while I stuffed the garlic bread into the middle one before tucking into some of the cold pasta salad. Louis took the fork off of me and helped himself to 2 mouthfuls.

"Hey!" I protested as he waved the fork around.

"If you wanted it that badly, you'd have been quicker." He laughed, throwing it back to me while he sat down on the bar stool. Sticking my tongue out I did the same, putting the pasta on the island and continuing to tuck in.

"How was work?" I asked, looking across at him. He smiled, taking off his beanie and shaking his hair out a little.

"It was fine, the new manager is a real idiot though." He said through gritted teeth.


"You gonna get that?" He asked hopefully. I nodded, sighing I jumped down and padded over across the cold tiles and opened the door. The hot steam hit me hard as I opened the door, causing me to cough. I pulled out the two perfectly cooked pizza's and the baguette of garlic bread.

"Knife." I said, holding out my hand. Louis pulled out the draw reluctantly and put the cool handle into my open palm. I pressed down on the bread, cutting it into small slices, how Lou likes it.

"So, how's Eleanor?" I asked smiling. I forgot to mention, Eleanor is this stunning girl Louis has had a crush on since, well since the 4 months that Harry introduced her to us. She's very kind and works near Louis now. He shot me a glare before turning back to the pizza he was cutting and serving.

"Fine." He murmured. He hates talking about this sort of stuff with me, god knows why, I'm his sister!

"Let's eat in the living room, we can watch the Hunger Games first?" Louis asked, looking hopefully at me as he held out his plate.

"Why?" I asked,

"Gets the tense one out of the way." Louis said smirking, I looked at him confused but still I put 4 slices of bread on his plate and the same on my own nodding.

"Your cleaning up if you drop anything." I warned, nudging his as we walked into the living room. We sat down, Lou pulling the blanket over us as we started the film, I bit into the pizza slice nearest to me as the music started.


Panic spread through me as a thunderous bang shook the wooden door in the hallway. I held in a scream as Louis paused the TV, however it meant that Peter's body, lying on the ground after hitting the force field, was frozen there.

"What the hell?" *BANG* Louis turned round, looking through the window on the other side of the room.


"Alright already!" He yelled. We stood up, I held the cuffs of my hoodie while we trooped down the hallway, the banging was getting louder, someone was urgent.

"OK!" Louis shouted, he was getting angry now. He fumbled with the keys until he placed the right one is the lock, turning it 3 times.

The door swung open, revealing a dripping wet, cold and annoyed Harry. How long had he been out there? Has he even rang the bell?

Louis roared with laughter, opening the door while his friend staggered in. His white top was almost see through from the rain, his brown curls soaked and spread out, his black trousers dripping. I covered my mouth with my hand to stifle a laugh, I just could not take him seriously.

"What the hell happened to you?" Louis laughed as we walked into the living room again, Harry glanced at the TV.

"Hunger Games?" He asked,

"Catching Fire." I corrected, Nodding

"Come on," Louis said, still smiling.

"What happened?"

"I went out for a drink with Niall and Liam, Zayns still at home, anyway I left and I sort of fell over, everything was-spinning," he said, putting a hand on the sofa edge,

"And I was ages away from my house, god knows where my car is." He stammered, looking at me for help.

"I'll get you a towel." I said, rushing past him and into the small bathroom. The lights came on as I dashed in, running to the shelves and pulling out the warm towels on the top by the heater. Me and Louis always fight for these ones but he needs them more than we do. I ran back out, slowing down when I reached them. Louis had given him some aspirin which Harry was now trying to swallow. I handed him the towels, trying to hold back a laugh, and realising his Harry flicked water at me from his shirt.

"Hey!" I laughed, wiping the drops from my dark green jumper. He smirked, rubbing the towel over his curls.

"I'll get you a top mate." Louis Said, walking out and, I presume, upstairs to find Harry some clothes. I sat down next to him, looking into his green eyes that were bloodshot beyond belief.

"Can I do anything Haz?" I asked gently, he shook his head, placing it back down in his hands. I stood up, feeling his forehead.

"You feel warm, you sure you don't want any medicine?"

He's got a fever I know it, it's gonna get worse if he doesn't let me help, oh Harry

"Love please," he said, almost ungently. I backed away, feeling guilty that I might have hurt him.

"I'm sorry." I said

"No, it's not you, just leave me be ok love?" He said, burying his curls down into his palms.

"Ok." I said quietly, walking over to the cream arm chair, shutting off the TV and turning on my iPod that was sitting on the table. Louis's footsteps thudded down the stairs until they reached the living room. He handed a blue top to Harry, he nodded down and so Lou put it next to him.

"How you holding up?" He inquired, Harry just groaned in pain but it said it all. Louis's attention darted over to me, curled up in the warm chair, my jumper pulled up over my wrists as I tapped away at the screen. I looked up brushing a wave from my face.

"You ok?"

"Yep." I said, a little to fast. He smiled, kissing me on the forehead as he walked into the kitchen to make some coffee. This is going to be a long night.

Hi guys, this is my first chapter to my first fan fiction so fingers crossed you liked it✌️

Leave me some comments and Vote if you can, hope to update and make some more chapters soon :)

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