The Last Day (One shot)

This story is a girl who loves her family. But she is sick. It is about decide how she want to spend her last day.


1. The Last Day



“It is our only chance. Can you not see that?”

“You need to go now…”

“No I won't leave you. I love you.”

“Please go.” The doctor took him out. Jack couldn’t just understand that this was my choice. Not his. And he cannot decide how I want to live the last day of my life. That is my choice.

“The car is waiting for you.” The doctor said. He looked afraid but shouldn’t it be me there was afraid. I took my bag and then I looked around. I have spent half of my life on this hospital but I have to die in own my home. I have to die where my family is. I have cry in this hospital. I have bin let down and I have reached fake hope of surviving.


The doctor opened the car door for me. Then I was in and the door was closed, the driver began to drive. The needles were still in my skin. As fast as I could I took them out. The blood came out and it ran fast down at my arms.

The driver didn’t notice the blood. He first noticed it when we stopped. When we came home. He opened the door for me and saw all the blood.

“What the hell!” My arms were as red as they ever could be.

“Sister is home!” A little voice yelled. And there was my little sister. She stood behind the driver. My eyes were filled with tears.

“Go away please.” A hard voice said. After that it was all dark. I couldn't see but I could hear.

“Want should we do.”  A voice yelled.

“Move now.” After those words something hurt in my heart. Maybe it was the cancer who knows. Or maybe it was the god who was calling on me. When I opened my eyes again my family were gathered around me.

“Mom she is awake!” My little sister yelled. And when came my mother.

“What have you done my little baby?” She was crying and my arms didn’t do it better. That is the hardest then some one die. You will miss them so much and some say that they never will forget them. But I think one day you will.


“I’m going to die no matter what. We all are.” After I said that, she kissed my forehead and walked away. Slowly the dark came again but this time I wouldn't wake up again.

“Good bye…….” The last thing I saw when I was alive was my family. Is that not better that to die alone in a hospital? 



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