Angel loved him. She loved him like they all did. Love. A strong word, but a sad word and in his case a meaningless word. It meant to her the world. It meant to him that he'd secured another to add to his army of the damned. It meant nothing like endless love. It meant nothing more than eternal pain.
But what if she had another choice?


1. Do you love me? : A Prologue

"Do you love me? Do you love me enough to risk your life for me, to take your soul and lay it in surrender at my feet? Do you love me enough to follow my every command, a loyal soldier till the very end? Do you love me enough to wallow in hunger and pain, and love me enough to put aside the fact that I laugh at your misery?" 

He paced in a slow circle, his silver eyes glinting in the dim light.

"Do you know... I think you do...."

A slow, teasing smile played upon his thin lips.

She nodded her head, slowly, not realising what loving him meant. Her voice was beautiful and without sorrow as she replied huskily, "I love you."

The girl was a good one; the boy was a bad one.

The boy was the strong one; the girl was the one who quivered in the background.

She was a loyal one, he was a sly one and soon, all too soon, she would be a dead one.

She raised her face till it stared his straight on, whispers of commitment playing on her lips. She smiled, then said it again. "I love you."

"I love you too," said the boy in return.

But he didn't.

He loved her as a follower, a puppet, a slave, not like someone would love a wife or even a sister. He couldn't care less when her face paled as he delved deep into his pocket and found a knife there. He didn't need it - it was merely for show, to take her inevitable fear to the next level.  He drew it out, letting it glint almost hypnotically in the light. She could see her face in it as he drew it closer, ever closer to her vulnerable white neck. 

"But truly? In your heart? You love me?" The boy said, making sure without needing to, for he already knew the answer. Yes. Yes, a thousand times yes.

What else could it be? She was helpless. She was gone to a realm of no return, her free will withered away by an endless stream of charms and enchantments. 

Poor, poor Angel.

It was nowhere near her time to fall. 

Her hand stretched out, grasping his wrist in her body's frantic last protests. Yet her voice spoke different words, the voice she hated, the voice she couldn't control. Her voice said, slowly but without hesitation, "I love you." 

Watching him toss the knife aside as she spoke, confirmed that she was well and truly lost without want or thought of escape, her heart soared with thanks and relief. She would be okay, because they loved each other. She loved him. He loved her back. 

He smiled at her, not a real smile but icily and with complete contempt. He thrust her backwards, away from him, near the wall. She cried out in pain - met only by a short merciless laugh. "You don't love me Angel."

He stepped toward her.



In one swift motion he was upon her, lifting her up to stand atop the wall. Angel's breaths grew constricted with an unease that wasnt familiar to her, gasping and heaving. The boy kept laughing. She didn't understand. None of them ever understood. They had to go. 

"But I love you..."

He looked at her with something almost resembling pity. "My darling Angel. It's time to say goodbye."

He climbed upwards so that he stood beside her, resting his cool slender hand on the small of her. She still didn't realise what was happening, couldn't see how precious these moments were.  As her head turned to look up at him, he pushed, hard, without remorse - watching silently as she teetered for a second or two before tumbling down and down towards the Earth below. Her long hair blew like a halo around her face; her face itself wore an expression of mixed terror and betrayal. 








The boy began to laugh at her, at her helpless little body, tumbling through the clouds like a discarded paper doll. It was almost pathetic to see her so weak and forsaken - a mere shadow of her former strength and beauty. His head rolled back, the deep foreign sound of laughter echoing around the small chamber, ricocheting off the low walls. He didn't stop until her lithe frame was too far down to be seen, too covered by fluffy white nebula. 

Even then, he didn't bother hiding his lingering smile. 

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