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Um....... First publishy story thingy, I hope ya like it give feedback please I wanna know what you guys wanna read <3 also about the rating on this... I don't exactly know what qualifies as too raunchy, I guess...


3. Wake Up

I felt something on my lips warm and soft like the pillows I laid on. Something thick warmed and moistened shoved into my mouth. I screamed. Then I hand clamped over my mouth.

"Shh Kai Kai!" I looked into Forrest's face as he hovered above me yelling in a hushed tone. "Just hold still, babe. I'll make you feel good."

Suddenly I found myself in a cramped room air was limited and it was hard to breathe. Smoke fogged my vision and my skin was clammy.

I vaguely heard labored grunts above my body. It was a man. Someone I didn't know. A stranger. On top of me.

"I'll make you feel good." He grunted at me like an animal, smashing his lips sloppily onto mine.

"Where am I?" I gurgled, my mouth completely numb. Groggily I turned my head and saw an IV pumping some clear liquid into my arm. I tried to move but my body didn't respond and only grew heavier. "Stop..." I was all I could get out.

"Shut up!" Without seeing any hand fly up and connect with my face I already knew is been slapped, based on the ringing pain the roped through my head.

"Hey! Kai! Wake up!" I was shaken awoke by Cally's hands.

I looked at her afraid and confused a little bit blind to my surroundings.

"Kai you ok? You weren't waking up at all."

I nodded. "Y-yeah I'm fine."

"I'll change your bandages, you'll get changed and then meet the boys, Forrest and Jasper, on downstairs."


"You seem a little shaken up... You have a bad dream." She touched my forehead with her cool hands.

"Ah... No, just a little tired." I pulled the sheets up to my throat.

"Hey... What's this here? On your neck?" Her finger wiggled at a spot just above my collar bone.

My eyes widened.

"Eh... Probably just a bruise from before." She smiled rubbing my arm. "Let's get you changed now."


After shimmying into my clothing I stepped out into the hallway half expecting to see Forrest's room door cracked to find the scene from before. I averting my eyes I cantered down the hallway towards the steps. I felt something hook around the belt hook of the jeans I was loaned and pulled me back wards. I looked up my eyes staring strait into Forrest's, he smirked.

"How'd my princess sleep?" His arms snaked around me and his lips nipped at my ear. "You didn't get lonely right?"

My body jerked violently when a cold hand slipped under my shirt fondling my breast. I made a feebly attempt to break from his strong arms, but I only managed a whimper.

"You didn't struggle last night Kai." His tongue dragged up my neck like a serpent.

"Get off." I struggled. Suddenly his body was ripped from my own leaving me cold.

I turned and saw Jasper holding Forrest by the nape of his neck.

"Dude, Chill. Don't go pulling shit like this, she said to 'get off'" Jasper's expression was almost deadly.

"God! Jasper I get it! Get off!" Forrest shook out of Jasper's grip, glaring at him before jogging down the steps.

Jasper scratched the back of his head, looking down at me tugging my shirt back down. "Umm... Damn I'm sorry about that. He um... Forrest, he likes to joke around. Just don't worry about him, if he messes with you just call out and his brothers will get him in line." He gave me an army salute, before sobering up a bit. "Are you ok though, Kai?"

"Yeah... Thanks, Jasper." I felt my cheeks warming.

"Maybe you should stay home." He suggested squatting, to meet me at eye level.

"No, I'm fine just a bit shaken up." I shook my head rubbing my arms. His hand reached up, I'm assuming to cup my cheek but he pulled back before making contact.

"Then let's quick take my car and ditch Forrest, how about it?" He smiled, lowering his voice a bit.

I nodded, feeling a smile come onto my face.

"Let's go!" He took my hand dragging me down the steps. He stopped abruptly holding my to his chest. "Stay quiet." He whispered at me. Being in his hold was warm and comforting, and he also smelled a bit like strawberries. He tugged me further along crouching to the ground until we got to the door, he stopped jiggling the handle and allowed for our great escape. He still held my hand pulling me around to the back of the house. He slid open a garage door, I huge pickup truck sat in the parking space a work bench and tool boxes littered the perimeters of the small space.

"Spring is about here, might as well take my baby out." He pulled some keys out of his back pocket instead of getting into the pick-up, he walked behind it. I began to here heaving from behind the truck and loud metal scratching metal.

"J-Jasper...? You ok?" I peeked my head around the car still standing a few feet from the garage.

"Yeah, just fine." He heaved one last time pulling a motorcycle from behind the car, pushing it out of its storage. "I haven't taken this out since I was 15..." He paused as if reminiscing, "it's been four whole years!"

"Jasper you said you had a car..." I stepped away from him and the bike.

"Eh... Not really." He hopped on, revving up the engine. "Ready?" I heard the front door open and close. "Damn! Hurry up!"

He kicked the bike forward, scooped me up in his arm and sat me in front of him on the bike. I wiggled my body until I had my limbs wrapped around his torso hanging on like a koala.

"You comfy down there?" He asked, lightly laughing at the way I clung to him. I felt Jasper pick up speed because it felt like the wind was slicing at my exposed flesh, I shivered, snuggling myself deeper into his warm strawberry scent, humming into the brief warmth it gave.

"Fuck, your adorable!" Jasper shouted into the wind sounding almost angry. He revved his engine increasing our speed, my clothes whipping violently around my frame.

"Jasper slow down!" I yelled.

"Don't worry your safe! And we're almost there!"

"Where are we going!?"

"Not the police station for now!"


" I'm taking you out! You haven't eaten right?"

I shook my head, I guess I was hungry.

"Good!" His engine slowed, coming up on a smaller street he made a sharp turn then another and he was rolling us down a back street where he parked our ride.

He scooped me back up and swung his leg over and off the bike. He held me up in his arms a moment longer, looking into my eyes. He lowered me gently his hands lingering at my waist, before he pulled off shoving his hands into his back pocket.

"Wanna go to a diner? It's like 7 am now... So breakfast should be good."

"Yeah ok." I nodded, toying with my hair. He held out his hand and I didn't hesitate to take it. He walked beside me with our hands clasped, noticeably giddy.

I looked up at him. "What's so funny." I felt my nose scrunch up, tugging on my hair.

"I don't get to hold hands with pretty girls as often as you think." He took my other hand and spun me around like a princess.

I blushed wildly, to embarrassed to speak.

He laughed, "the diner is right here. " he turned his body holding the restaurant door open for me.

I stepped inside nodding him thanks, he sat his hand genteelly on my waist guiding me into the restaurant taking a seat at the bar. A waiter swiped the table in front of us with a dirty rag and smiled at me.

He slid us some menus and placemats. "I'll be back in a minuet, beautiful."

I saw Jasper's glare, just before he turned to me smiling. "You wanna get some waffles and hot cocoa?"

"I've never had those I don't think...?"

"What?! Really! Well there's always a first!" He seemed to burst emotion.

I looked at him quizzical but I just nodded my head.

"Hey!" Jasper called the waiter.

He jogged over. "What'll y'all be getting?"

"Two orders of waffles, a hot cocoa, and a coffee for me, thanks."

"Sure! That'll be right out!" The waiter turned to continue with other customers.

"So you having fun so far? You like the ride over?"

I smiled a bit. "Yeah it was nice, a little scary I guess."

"Your cute but-" a plate of food was sat in front of him cutting off his sentence. "Never mind."

We are our food and the waiter slid the check to Jasper, I glanced over and saw the waiter wrote 'call me' and his name and number down on the receipt.

"That's flattering." He blushed slightly, glancing up at the waiter servicing a few customers. The waiter 'Todd' turned and winked. I felt my confusion turn into understanding, I nodded to myself.

"Let's just go." I saw Jasper shove the note in his pocket."

"Ok then." I followed after him, out the door, we walked back to where we parked.

He stopped I front of me and turned. "Can I kiss you?"

I sure my face said confused and a bit scared.

He turned back around "never mind forget I said anything."

His voice deepened, and I became even more concerned. My hand reached to him and my finger tips brushed his face, he turned his head into my small hand. I let my hand guide him further down and closer to my face, he was inches away and I could see him holding his breath. I smiled a hit coaxing him closer, he crashed his mouth down onto mine. His tongue entered my mouth without much wrestling, and it violently roamed the inside. One of his hand was pulling and gripping tightly on my hair locking me in place the other held my bottom molding our bodies closer together. His lips tore from mine working their way down my neck and jaw, I felt the bites being planted across my collar.

"God I hate him." He growled the words in to my neck.


He didn't respond but instead he sat me on the seat of the motorcycle he straddled the bike and hiked my legs up to wrap around his hips he leaned down into me palming me through my pants and grazing his finger tips on my breasts, his mouth planted firmly on my own as our tongues played a give and take inside our mouths. I felt moans begin escaping my lips. Jasper moved his hands away from me and sat up looking away from me.

He touched my neck. "Damn I left hickeys everywhere I'm sorry."

"It's fine-"

"Hey! There you guys are!" Forrest was at the opening of the alleyway waving with Noel and Hunter behind him.

My back was facing them and I didn't want to turn around. I was still sitting backwards on the bike when they walked around I saw there expressions change as they saw how ever many hickeys Jasper had left. They were each silent.

Hunter pulled off the burgundy turtle neck he wore and held it out to me. "Put this own, it'll be baggy but it will fit better than what your wearing now, that's my dad's tee and he's a big man." He gave a nervous smile and I took the sweater from him.

The boys turned around as I changed my shirt in the alley. Instead of my shirt falling past my knees it stopped a few inches above it although the sleeves slid past my finger tips.

Hunter turned taking my arm and rolling up the sleeves. Forrest began taking off his belt.

"Ew! Dude what the hell are you doing!?" Noel looked at Forrest wide eyed, as did everyone else.

"No no, I'm not doing that! I've seen girls do this before!" Forrest pulled me off the bike and wrapped his brown belt twice around my waist and buckling it. "See!"

Jasper, Noel, and Hunter each nodded at the new outfit I sported.

"Why did we do this again?"

"Because we will be attending a 'sport of kings', later today." Forrest smirked deviously. "I hope luck will be on our side."

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