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2. found

Resting my head upon the counter tops as I listen to Cally fussed around the kitchen telling me more and more about herself, her life, her husband Marty, her 4 sons, seemed to calm me.

"Forrest should be upstairs, hanging out with one of his cute little friends! None of them seem to visit often though, breaks my heart sometimes... Him and his twin are just nothing alike, little Hunter never brings any pretty girls home." Cally sighed to herself. Footsteps cut the brief silence, the man I saw and the woman entered the kitchen slightly out of breath.

"Hey, Ma." He planted a kiss on Cally's head, towering nearly a foot taller then her.

"Hello Forrest, your little friend staying for dinner?" I saw Cally eyeing the woman awkwardly standing across the room inching towards the door.

He glanced at the woman, "ah... No. She'll be leaving." His voice was curt as he spoke, nodding her off out the door "see ya around."

She was eager to leave muttering a response, blushing wildly and escaping through the front door.

When then door slammed, Forrest's eyes landed on me, I in turn, averted my eyes from him.

" I see she's up and moving!" I felt the shift in air as he slumped into the chair next to me. "Hi! I'm Forrest!" Grinning, he awaited my reply.

I stole a look.

His eyes shined into mine, his lips began to peel back into a smile almost venomous.

"Kai" I knew what I said was inaudible.

We locked into eye contact and the heat from his body seemed to radiate, the closer he got to my own.

"Say that a little louder, cutie." The smile still on his face slipping a hand under the table. His hand set flames to my nerves, when my own hands began shaking. "You ok?" His face was dangerously close to my own, Cally, still turned away from us, wouldn't be cutting the moment.

I opened and closed my mouth a few times before any words came out, "M-my name's Kai."

"Kai?" Forrest moved away, immediately chilling the air around me.

I let go of a heavy breath when more footsteps bounded down the stairway.

"Is that my little bro? Hey Hunter!"

Hunter waved half-heartedly, walking to the front door.

"And where are you going not saying hi to your Ma?!" Cally was turned with her hands on her hips and lips pressed into a white line.

"Hi." Hunter mumbled.

"And say hi to Kai too!" Hands still on her hips, wildly gesturing at me.

His eyes widened for brief moment before looking away, "Hey, Kai."

Awkwardly I waved, not looking directly upon him. His hand began to turn the doorknob.

"Know tell me where are you going?!" Cally stomped towards him, finger pointed.

"For a walk..." His head was down not making eye contact, with his mother.

"Oh! Well then take Kai too I know I'm boring her." She turned, holding out her hand to me. I didn't hesitate to take it, when I was so close to Forrest. I even felt his eyes bore into my back as I walked towards Hunter and Cally's outstretched hand.

"Your gonna go ahead and stretch those legs, you've been in bed for much to long!" Cally smiled pushing Hunter and I out the door. I stared onto the closed door rubbing my bear hands together.

"Spring is nearly here." Hunter said behind me. I whipped my head around surprised by the resonating sound of his voice. I looked into his face, his face was freckled like his mother's, his eyes, green saucers. He looked almost innocent.

He cleared his throat getting my attention. "I said spring is coming."

I nodded. "Umm... Y-yeah." I coughed into my arm before speaking again, voice a little louder than it had been. "I heard."

He stretched his arms across his body before shoving them in his pockets. "You wanna head out?"

Falling into place with his brisk pace, I found myself repeatedly looking up at his jaw line and freckled cheeks.

"Your staring." He said bluntly.

"Sorry..." I mumbled forcing my eyes to the graveled grounds.

"Are you feeling better?"

"What? Oh. Um... Yeah, a lot better, I mean." I stumbled over my words.

"You runaway or something? The way Dad found you, I mean, when I saw... Kinda, you were um... Naked and stuff. But no! I didn't really see. Damn, I'm sorry, I'll start over." His hands shook a bit, and I saw he was just as nervous as me.

I let my silence tell him to continue.

"Where'd you come from?"

"I don't know. The farthest I remember is Sri Lanka."

He paused. "South of India? What was in Sri Lanka?"

A pain tore through my skull and I felt my stomach kink into endless knots, I clutched my stomach and froze.

"Please don't throw up again." I felt him reach towards me, but I shoved his hands away. He came back pulling me off the ground and into his arms.

The pain subsided along with my nerves.

"You stopped shaking feeling better already?" He knelt resting me onto the ground, "your real delicate, and small, like you could break any moment." I he looked into my eyes a second longer, his freckled cheeks grew rosy with embarrassment, and he stood up, with his hand clamped over his mouth.

"Thank you, Hunter." He held his hand out for me, declining it, I stood and made my way back to the house.

"Um yeah, no problem." He caught up to me, still sporting his blushing cheeks. I then noticed his hood had fallen, his hair the color of moistened bark after a heavy rain. Nearly a mirror the trunks that now surrounded us and the gravel road.

"You really like to stare don't you?" He glared down at me.

"I'm sorry." My head snapped to the ground.

"Don't be sorry, your safe for now, let's get along. Of course upper Plaque-mines Parish, Louisiana is much better than you'd think." His southern twang was stronger with the length of his sentences. I felt a bit of a smile come to my lips, thinking about his voice and the warmth of his chest.

"What are you smiling about?" He asked nudging me.

I blushed when he lowered himself to my level.

"Can I take you out again tomorrow, into town?" His eyes trying to meet my own, as I tried not to meet his steady gaze.

"Yeah, I guess."

"Your shy right? Around new people? I'll make you open up to me, without a problem." His smile was lazy, a bit comical too. I smiled a little bigger than before.

"I like your smile. Someone like you should just keep smiling, you know." I looked up at him when he spoke but he didn't look down.

"Thanks, um.... Hunter."

"So what do ya think?"

I stared puzzled

"Do I look anything like my brother?"

I paused, thinking, then shook my head.

"Good I don't wanna look anything like him."

I nodded to his statement.

"Well? Say something to me!"

I most have look more afraid than intended, because his eyes went from irritation to compassion in seconds.

"Damn, I'm sorry." His hands went to reach for me then retreated back into his pockets.

"No, no it's not your fault." I crossed my arms, "your just really surprising."

"Surprising?" He asked.

"Um...." I racked my head for answers.

"Turn here, we're home." He jogged up the steps leaving me to run to him. "You can tell me tomorrow."

He held the door open for me, stepping through the doorway I was smashed by a barrage of voices screaming over each other. Hunter's hand was on my back propelling me forward into a dinning room.

"Yo! Shut up!" Hunter's call did nothing to silence the men and Cally from feasting and shouting around the table. "Here, brace yourself." Before I knew it Hunter shoved me further into the mix. I caught myself on a chair, silencing the room, occupied by a familiar face, that I wasn't able to put a name to.

"Kai, is it? Marty! My wife Cal ya met!" Marty only seemed to only be able to yell. "Sit down there, and boys stand introduce yourselves!"

A boy to his right stood stumbling slightly over himself. "My names Noel." He smirked, and ran his fingers through his hair pushing his chest out a bit. His face littered with the same freckles as Cally, and Hunter; unlike the boy now standing to introduce himself.

"Jasper! And Noel is my twin! Aside from the freckles of course." He winked, holding out his hand, "first born, face of an angel."

I shook his hand. I looked around for Forrest at the dinner table.

"He went out, I'm sure." Hunter's green eyes darkened, slumping into a chair left of Marty and across from Noel, scooping mashed potatoes into an empty plate.

I went for the chair beside him, but a warm breath on my neck and thick hands wrapped around my waist, stopping my movements.

"You won't get little Kai a plate?" He spoke into the collar of my sweater, "she's all skin and bones, she'll need way more curves if she wants to make it with me."

"Forrest! Hands to yourself!" Cally stomped her foot not rising from her seat at the dinner table.

Forrest lingered for a second longer then pulled his hands away sitting beside his brother.

"So what the sheriff say about Kai?"

"Damn I completely forgot" Marty rubbed his round stomach. "The boys can take you tomorrow, I've got fishing with the men at the pub."

"Sure, let's bring Kai me and Jasper already have plans in town." Forrest clasped his hands, "The police station will be just around where we'll be."

"Great they've filed a report they just need your picture." He nodded towards me.

A conversation sparked between everyone else and I sat silently spooning my vegetables. Not seconds later a felt a hand on my leg, I knew it could be no one else but Forrest. His hand was quick in entering my pants and shoving his long middle finger deep inside of me. Forrest held himself there for a moment, then the next instance ramming it as far back as it could reach. He added another finger scissoring them inside my body. It was effortless for him to find an immediate reaction inside my body I felt the wetness inside me ooze out onto his hand. Next he added a third finger making the pleasure unbearable, a whimper escaped my lips, as I clenched my teeth together wrapping my own frail fingers around his wrists to brace myself. My insides began convulsing, the next instance his hand slipped back out as fast as it came.

"We can finish tomorrow." He whispered, taking both our plates and walking towards the kitchen.

I barely was able to catch my breath as my body further betrayed me by giving Forrest a nod in response.

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