I thought I knew what was right. I thought I know what I wanted. That one girl who seemed perfect for me: or so I thought. All of a sudden, a boy intervened - everything I thought I knew was about to change. I certainly didn't expect this.


5. 5 - The new boy.

I sat in my detention silently. Scribbling furiously, I completed the task Miss set me within minutes; only for her to look up for a moment from her computer screen to hand me another task. It seemed unending. My enthusiasm slowly lowered, and my completion time was forever increasing. I felt rather depressed, and Miss definitely noticed; a smirk cracking across her lips as she peered at me momentarily. Eventually, I had to admit it: I wasn't going to be able to do it at break. Which - of course - left me with lunch. I would have to do it instantaneously, so that I had every chance to do it today. 

"Excuse me." Miss retorted. She had noticed me daydreaming. "Get back to work." I continued the work slowly. I was like a kitten, one moment full of energy, the next as sleepy as a sloth. I sighed - quietly. Suddenly, the one piece of paper in front of me seemed like rather a lot of work.

Just as my eyes began to droop, I heard the heavenly call I had been waiting for: the bell. I was out of that room faster than I had ever done an athletics race in PE - out of the door, down the corridor, and up to English block. Finally, a lesson I actually enjoyed. I loved the English language - there was so much to explore and so much freedom. You could genuinely express your own personality within the confinements of a classroom; what other lessons allowed you to do that? This term we focused on poetry. I enjoy poetry, among all of other aspects of English. There was a certain flow to poetry  which made it so angelic to read. Soon, I arrived outside the door of room G12 - where I found Max.

"Hey Finn. How was that...detention?" He emphasized the last word. He had never been issued a detention in his life. 

"Horrible. The old hag kept giving me more and more work to do!" I replied, relaxing now I was out of that prison cell.

"Maybe this whole Jenny thing was a bad idea."

"She's called Jennifer!" I whispered, annoyed. He laughed at me.

"No offense dude, but so far it's caused nothing but trouble." He said quietly under his breath. I will admit that was true, but I was confident it would be worth it in the end.

"Don't discourage me now - I'm gonna do it at lunch. No one can tell me otherwise." He simply nodded at that, perhaps finding that comment a bit unbelievable.

The teacher welcomed us into the classroom, smiling at us as we entered the room. I beamed back at him. As always, there were many dull expressions as we took our seats. Too many. I never understood why so many people disliked the subject. I sat bolt upright as soon as the bell sounded - listening intently as he begun the lesson.

A few minutes into the lesson, the door swung open. Every person's head directed towards the entrance to the room.

"Oh, Dylan, yes? Please come in." Sir spoke, motioning a figure to enter the room. A tall boy I had never seen before walked in. He had tufty blonde hair, arranged in a messy quiff. His sky blue eyes positioned in the middle of his face gazed across the room, taking in the sight of 30 new faces. His skin gleamed - tanned from being in the sun. He looked very athletic; with a determined but calm look in his eye and a timid smile.

"Sorry Sir, I got a little lost." He said, looking apologetically towards Sir.

"Thats fine. First day, eh?" He chuckled, "Why not take a seat on the front row at the end, there." Dylan followed his gaze towards the end of my row, and moved over to sit down.

"Anyway, where was I?" Sir wondered out loud. "Ah, yes." He continued, pointing towards the board.

After another 50 minutes of heaven, the time came. We had to leave. I sighed once again. I seemed to sigh quite a lot those days. We had to leave English for RE. Why couldn't we just do one subject we enjoyed? There's no point doing something I know I won't do in the future. RE? Not for me. Alas, lunch was fast approaching - the time I had been waiting for.


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