I thought I knew what was right. I thought I know what I wanted. That one girl who seemed perfect for me: or so I thought. All of a sudden, a boy intervened - everything I thought I knew was about to change. I certainly didn't expect this.


4. 4 - Breaktime - or never.

What was wrong? I strained to think over the past few days, however, nothing of great importance seemed to recall in my mind. It wasn't me - it couldn't have been. It must have been someone else. Sat in my desk in History, I thought back to when I saw her crystal blue eyes again - as blue as ever; but without the twinkle. What was it that had caused that? I remembered her unconvincing smile, concerned and unsure. The way she looked at me was - different. My brain couldn't understand why. I decided break would be the time. I would approach her, ask her what was wrong, comfort her and then finally - I would ask her out. I still promised myself I would do it today.

I noticed Max looking at me from across the classroom. All, of a sudden I snapped into focus, seeing 60 eyes all trained on me. There was absolute silence in the room, yet the expression of Miss's face as she looked at me spoke volumes.

"Sorry?" I mumbled quietly, stumbling over my words as everyone peered over their shoulders to look at me.

"You weren't listening to me, were you?" She retorted loudly.

"Sorry, Miss" I replied, lowering my gaze towards my desk.

"That is unacceptable!" She shouted disapproving, her anger showing through her wrinkles and spots. She shook in her thin skeleton, lips sealed together and eyes twitching. Then, in a mere whisper, she said, "See me after class, Finn Hadley." I looked up again, to see her abruptly begin teaching again, directing towards an article on the Civil War displayed on the board on the front. A single drop of sweat rolled off my face. I dreaded to think what she would have to say to me.

Eventually, the lesson approached its ending. All 30 of us in the room sat motionless, like puppies, waiting for that one line.

"Well done today class. You may leave."

Within seconds, 29 pupils had vanished, leaving me moving slowly towards Miss's desk. When I was within a few feet, she acknowledged my existence.

"Ah, yes. Finn." She spoke slowly, obviously enjoying seeing my terrified expression. "It's not often I have to say this, but your attitude in lesson today was appalling. I expect better from you Finn Hadley. I will see you here at breaktime today for your detention." My mouth gaped open. My voice box seemed unable to work. I simply nodded apologetically, and scampered out of the room as fast as possible, leaving the room deserted minus Miss.

My plans had been ruined again. Would I ever get to ask Jennifer out? Walking down the corridor, I sighed. Everything was getting more complicated.


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