I thought I knew what was right. I thought I know what I wanted. That one girl who seemed perfect for me: or so I thought. All of a sudden, a boy intervened - everything I thought I knew was about to change. I certainly didn't expect this.


2. 2 - She was alone.

Walking calmly towards maths, I ran through exactly what I had planned before hand.

Oh hey! It’s nice to see you again.

Wait, no. That wasn’t right.

Oh hi. I missed you.

No, that sounded too soppy.

What’s up?

Oops no, that wasn’t right either.

Suddenly, my thoughts were shrouded with words and letters. Each word lost its own meaning, swirling round in a whirlpool of confusion. My brain failed at remembering that line I prepared so carefully last night. What was I going to say? Well, I couldn’t step down now.

Nonchalantly, I entered the maths block, attempting to look as calm as possible. Within, my bones were rattling silently, each step causing a shiver up my leg: I was getting closer. Before I had time to mentally prepare myself, I had reached my destination. There she stood, beside the lockers to room K16: alone. Her beautiful hair loosely sweeping her shoulders, she placed some books into her bag. I looked down at my watch, 8:40. I had just 5 minutes to do this. I stayed still,   gazing at her silently from across the corridor. It was time.

I began to walk over to where she stood, forcing my feet to move in time. My heart raced; quicker than the seconds that passed by, louder than the noise in the corridors, stronger than the force of an army. All of a sudden, she was directly in front me.

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