16 Years A Slave... to His LOVE

Ever loved someone so much it hurt? Welcome to everyday of the past 4 years of my life. Me? I'm Destiny, a 16 year old girl, with WAY to much love for one guy. This? This is MY story.


7. Unbearable Pain

Destiny's P.O.V.


That's it. I will despise Owen for the rest of his sorry existence. I'm 16 and he stole one of my most precious things from me. I mean yeah, he stole and shattered my heart but that will heal in a very short time, it seems. He took something just as precious, which can't heal, which I'll never get back. It's was practically rape. He hurt me by talking about one of my first and closest friends and saying how cute she was. Now, well this is too far. My virginity! Sure I'm 16, this generation most girls have already lost it! Hey, I'm old school, so sue me! Well, at least those girl lost it in a more.... beautiful way. Me, I was beaten to the point I was ruined. God, seeing all that blood. I had to stay in hospital overnight, they treated me, not finding much other issues. They gave me 12 meds that I have to take, daily. Not to mention I have this HUGE bruise that spread from my thighs to my stomache, did I mention it's swollen too! I still haven't told anyone who did it to me. I don't even know why not. He took it too far. Yet, a stupid part of me feels like he didn't mean for it to happen... he caused it anyways. It's all his fault. His stupid Muay Thai and his terrifying anger. I HATE HIM.

"I HATE YOU OWEN" I yelled at the top of my lungs from our old tree house, as I wrote in on the walls. I stopped suddenly when I heard a sweet, familiar voice. "Destiny, are you ok?" Joey asked. "Joey, what are you doing here?" He grinned, "Well I saw an amazing tree house that looks like a palace, heard a damsel in distress crying, then scarily yelling and me, being the wonderful knight in shining armor I am, had to save her." I light hearted laughed at his humor. "I'm just glad the girl was you, Destiny, any one else and the rescue might not have been as worth it." I suddenly burst into tears again. He was so sweet, everyone knew he liked me and a small part of my liked him back. I hugged him and he gave me a bear hug back. "Don't cry my Princess. You are much too pretty and strong for that." As Joey spoke he lifted my face to his, wiping away my tears, they he leaned down, he kissed me, tentatively, seeing wether I wanted it. I suddenly realized I did. I kissed him back. His kissed was suddenly filled with a lot more passion. Just as he tried to part my lips I stopped him. "Wait Joe, we can't. I care about you which is why we shouldn't do this. I want you to be with someone who cares about you or at least wait for a bit. I don't want you to feel like my rebound. I don't even want a rebound. He's so nasty I don't need one." I shut up quickly. I realized I'd said too much. "It was him wasn't it? The one who did all that to you. That's why you were yelling about him earlier." I looked up, I know I can trust Joe. I nodded, he suddenly looked furious. "I should.." I cut him off. "Please, Joey, for me. Don't tell anyone. Not yet. I'm not ready." "Listen to me Dessy. Nobody will hurt you, certainly not me. I'm not your rebound. You care about me, I know you do. I also know that I love you. So forget that son-of-a-bitch and be with me. I'm a good guy. I'll take care of y..." He didn't finish his sentence because somebody had tackled him and was beating him. That's when I realized, it was Owen...

(A/N ~ hehehe cliffhanger! Sorry guys. I've been so busy lately. I'll be sure to try and update as often as possible. Don't forget to comment any plots you feel I could include. If any of you were wondering why there's more detail and emotion in the fight and hospital scene, it's because it's real. That was a true incident, with the boy I portray as "Owen". This story is mostly fact, names were changed for obvious reasons, but almost all the situations are real. So yeah, back on track, it's a real situation. I was actually only 14 when it happened, which was last year. Yep, the harsh reality of things. Thanks for reading! I'll be sure to update soon. Point out any mistakes. Love all of you readers!



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